weight loss with hypnosis
Who Else Wants To Lose Weight And Keep It off Forever?
If you are a "foodie" or a "fatty"
Before you have bypass surgery! You need to read this

Many lifelong "fatties"  after failing with other hypnotists, failing with a weight loss trainer, and failing with every diet ever invented...


Many women and men come to me as a last resort to get control over food
before they go for stomach bypass surgery.

What's great about hypnosis is that instead of getting bypass surgery, you use hypnosis to change the way that you FEEL about food
and then you simply bypass the ice cream, bypass the cookies, bypass the cake...

Get it?
With hypnosis its EASY!


Chocolate, Ice Cream, Cookies, White Bread, Cookies, Chips,COOKIES,  Cake, Pie, Shakes, White Bread, Brownies, Pizza, more White Bread, Doughnuts, ( did I mention white bread?) and all of the other DELICIOUS foods that are making you and keeping you FAT
But you want to lose weight 

I can help.

And it does not matter if you are in Reno Nevada or Not
Because Even Though I'm Located Here
I Can Help You Either In Person
Or With The Most Amazing Hypnosis CD
Ever Created. (Yes Really)
Because its helped Even Helplessly Addicted Junk Food Junkies
GAIN Control Over Food.

Dear fellow fattie,
Lets face it.

There are two types of people.
There are  "skinnies" and there are "fatties"
Skinnies can go without eating and not feel hungry.  Skinnies can  walk through any store and see all the junk food and not want any of it.

Skinnies can drive right past every fast food place in town and their car won't MAKE them drive through the drive through and order a bunch of  food that they KNOW that they should not eat.

A skinnies car doesn't know where  Krispy Kreme  Doughnuts is....

Skinnies can see a pile of brownies right in front of their face, inhale their mouth watering intoxicating aroma and not even want one and if they do  want one, they are satisfied with just ONE  ( and they won't even gain an ounce). 

Skinnies can go to a buffet and are completely satisfied with just a little bit of food and only one dessert Ö

and then there is the rest of us.

For us "fatties."

Chocolate is heavenly, Ice cream is incredible, cake, cookies, brownies, fudge, warm bread that is fresh out of the oven  is AMAZING  and, pizza, pasta is

The Buffett at John Ascuaga's Nugget, The Peppermill, The Grand Sierra Resort, Atlantis,  Harrah's are all incredible and I know that every time you go there you make multiple trips to the dessert bar and you walk away stuffed and in pain vowing never to eat that much again and wishing that you could just enjoy small portions of everything instead of  ENORMOUS portions of everything.

You do that every time don't you?

Nod your head.

But it sure comes with  price (darn that part)
You see, I know exactly what I am talking about because even though you are probably fatter then I am. I have had the same challenges with food that you do right now.

The difference between you and me is that
I use hypnosis to control food
instead of  food controlling me.
And yet I'm still a fattie (and even though I'm on the way to becoming a skinny, ( and  I will explain why in a moment)  the good news is that you don't live my crazy life. Because of this, losing weight with hypnosis will be easier for you and so you will lose weigh much faster than me.

Fair enough?

Being overweight feels bad, looks awful and ....well you know the rest.

If food controls you and you want to lose it the EASY WAY
You need  hypnosis sessions with a hypnotist like me or by using  this hypnosis weight loss CD.
With hypnosis weight loss is EASY (er)

Many "fatties"  come to me after failing with other hypnotists, failing with a weight loss trainer, and failing with every diet ever invented.

If you get the  Hypnosis CD

     Just listen to it at bedtime.  This Hypnosis CD reprograms your thoughts and feelings about food.
You will feel absolutely fabulous all day long. You will gain control over  food and your emotions and you will disconnect from feelings that you have attached to food. As a result of detaching FEELINGS from food. You will only eat when you are actually hungry instead of out of habit, boredom, stress, sadness, time of day or other people... and then weight loss is EASY (er)

The difference between me and most of the other hypnotherapists is this...

I'm the guy who GETS YOU the results...
I'm not the guy who ALMOST gets you the results.

There is a very good reason for that and you will learn why only when you get my CD come to see me for your hypnosis session here in my Reno office and gain control over food so that you can SAFELY lose weight. AND KEEP IT OFF!

If you  live in the Reno area or you will be here
and you want to LOSE WEIGHT EASILY, this time for good... If you don't want any cravings or  feelings of being deprived or missing out and you want to do this quickly,
you should see me immediately or get my hypnosis for weight loss  because

each month I make time to see a few people
who want to lose weight.

I'm very good at what I do. I'm so good at getting people to gain control over food
using hypnosis that If there were an Olympics for hypnotists I would get a gold medal for it.

So  if you come to see me to lose weight or if you want a hypnosis CD to help you lose weight.
In 60-90 minutes there is a very good chance that you will be on your way to controlling food and losing all the weight that you safely need to.

I can't honestly  tell you  that I have a  100% success rate but its darned close to 100%
and there is a very good reason for it. It's a closely guarded secret that is only shared with those who come and see me.

Many "fatties" (lets just be frank) come to me after failing with other hypnotists, failing with a weight loss trainer, and failing with every diet even invented.

Many women and men come to me as a last resort before they  go for bypass surgery.
But what's great about hypnosis is that instead of getting bypass surgery all you have to do is bypass the ice cream, by pass the cookies, by pass the cake...

Get it?
With hypnosis its EASY (er)

When it comes to other hypnotherapists, most are well meaning but are simply incompetent. They are like a little league coach trying to work in the major leagues.

This is also why I charge more then  they do. But if things go as planned you will pay me only a few times.  With cheaper hypnotherapists you have to come back over and over for years. It benefits me to "fix you" in  3 sessions because you will refer your friends to me. That's why when you come to see me to lose weight, you usually come three times.
I respect your time, your money and your health.

Trust me I'm a lot cheaper then bypass surgery, a heart attack, diabetes
or a lifetime of discomfort.

If you are thinking about seeing a hypnotist to help you lose weight  just because your mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, is bugging you to stop eating ...and ultimately you just want them to stop nagging you so you can keep on eating... Please  don't call me
because I'm not interested in messing around with you. It's a waste of time and money.

However, If you really want to lose weight because you are, "sick and tired of being sick and tired" and you want to stop messing around and really gain control over food ...

Reno Sparks Northern Nevada
Call me at 775-425-5847

Chris Cady
Master Hypnotist
Now if you read all the way, here is why I'm still a fattie.  You are probably aware that in addition to helping clients use hypnosis personally. I also am an entertainer and as a result I travel a lot and eat at the airport and at casino hotels and at odd times and as a result 
the weight stays on.  However what is important is that by using hypnosis  I can actually control my food intake. Prior to using hypnosis I could not control what I ate and chocolate and cookies and bread MADE ME EAT IT. ( Skinnies don't understand this but your not a "skinny" or you would not be reading this.  The good news for me is that  NOW I  CONTROL FOOD  and It did not used to be that way for me.

However for YOU it will be easier  because you probably have a more normal schedule. You probably donít live in casino hotels as much as I do where your food choices are frequently limited (due to travel) and your occupation and lifestyle dictates that you eat at midnight.
So  losing weight will be easier for you. In your case you will notice that you  arenít forced by some  mysterious force that practically makes you  buy all of the fattening junk foods that you know you need to give up.  What you will notice is that you "just donít seem to want these junk foods anymore" and then  eating right becomes easy. As a result  losing weight and more importantly  keeping your weight off becomes VERY EASY!


This CD comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

If you don't get all the results that you want
any time ever. Send it back for a  NO QUESTIONS ASKED  full refund (minus shipping & handling)

With a guarantee like that why not get YOURS RIGHT NOW!

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This CD comes with a 100% money back guarantee.
If you don't get all the results that you want
any time ever. Send it back for a full refund (minus shipping & handling)

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