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grad night hypnotist Comedy Stage Hypnotist Chris Cady

If you want a Grad Night Stage Hypnotist that can provide a hilarious, "clean" and safe show for your high schools gradnight party, sober grad, or grad nite party

You will LOVE this hypnosis show

Here's why: High school students celebrating grad night love having a hypnotist at their grad night. They  LOVE comedy hypnosis shows.  They love being the stars of the show. They love being hypnotized. They love everything about  having a hypnotist at grad night. Plus I love performing for sober grad nights. Can I say this any stronger?

I have performed for hundreds of grad nights most of them in Nevada, California, Texas, and Arizona.

The energy of our youth is wonderful, the grads love this show and I love the whole idea of  sober grad.

As the victim of a drunk driver myself, I am committed to keeping kids safe on grad night. 

To find out my availability call our grad night office at 775-425-5847

The hypnosis show videos shown above feature clips from some of my comedy hypnosis shows that were  filmed at high school grad nights, senior assembly, senior breakfasts, casino and corporate events.  They wil give you a very good idea of the type of hypnosis show that  I will perform for your  safe and sober grad night party. My shows are  fun, high energy and the content  is CLEAN and appropriate for a school campus assembly too.
Master Hypnotist Chris Cady
Performing Hilarious
Comedy Hypnosis Shows
For You Safe And Sober Grad Night Party
Here is a video clip from a high school grad night / sober grad party show where hypnotist Chris Cady tells a hypnotized grad that his tattoo has
vanished from his arm and is flying around the room. Its just one of many routines that happen during a hypnosis show.

This student was interviewed right after a hypnosis show that took place at his high school for a Senior Breakfast.
As you can see he is well dressed and wearing a tie.  One of the things that he told me during the interview was that he is an honor student. I could tell from speaking with him that he is what I'd call, "one of the smart kids."  He was not a class clown,  or someone who is silly. He is a pretty serious  student. I can't remember what college that he said he would be attending but  I do remember it was one of the schools that super smart students attend such as Cal Berkeley or Stanford. He also told me that he was skeptical and thought that hypnosis was fake. He was just planning on watching the hypnosis show. What happened though is that he went into hypnosis while sitting in the audience and became a big  part of the show.   After the hypnosis show / Senior Breakfast we interviewed him about his experience being hypnotized.
Watch the video and enjoy his statement.
Here is a short video from one of my safe and sober grad night hypnosis shows in California where I hypnotized the grads and told them that they were playing a piano.  As you can see  hypnosis shows at a grad night are a ton of fun.

Hypnosis is REAL. People will believe pretty much anything while under hypnosis. This high school grad night took place at a water park. For some odd reason there was a cookie monster doll in the performance area so I decided to make it part of the show.  This  graduate was hypnotized and I told her that  the cookie monster was  Brad Pitt.  This is just a small sample of what can take place if you  bring a hypnotist to your grad night party.
This hypnosis show video clip is not from a high school sober grad night party. Its actually from a hypnosis show that I performed at a college as part of a freshmen orientation. The students are all freshmen and they are basically just out of high school.  What is cool is that after the show several of the students came up and told me that I had performed at their  high school grad night. They were all from different high schools and different cities and states.  The video should really give you a fun demonstration in how powerful the mind is to remember things since the "Lion King" movie is  pretty old and was probably from their childhood.
The video above  shows gradnight hypnotist Chris Cady hypnotizing several graduates to believe that they are  Russian Spies spying on grad night. Another guy thinks he can speak Spanish to his chair. These are just a few of this fun things that take place during a grad night hypnosis show