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Hypnosis Show
Defined: My hypnosis show is a magical mystical comedy show where hilarious, unexplainable things happen while under hypnosis.
In 2017 & 2018 the Majority of Hypnosis Shows That I am Performing Are Private Shows For Conventions, Colleges, Schools, Sports Teams, Private Corporate and Casino Events.
Hypnosis shows are tons of fun for audiences of every age. People really love my hypnosis shows because of the audience participation, the modern routines, music and because my hypnosis shows appeal to audiences of diverse cultures.  At most of my hypnosis shows both public and private you will find people from all walks of life and every culture.  This is great corporate entertainment because its interactive and FUN!
Its very hard to find a comedy show that appeals to American and foreign audiences too which is probably why my hypnosis show is popular with companies, conventions, sports groups, social groups, colleges, high schools and groups that are culturally diverse. If you watch my hypnosis show videos you will see white folks, black folks, Latinos, Americans, Asian, Indians, Russians, British, Canadians, Aussies, Kiwis...young and old, conservative and rowdy.  They are all having fun.  Just watch any of my hypnosis videos and you will see that a few years back
I had a weekly show in Reno Nevada & a weekly show at the Horizon Casino (now the Hard Rock Hotel Casino) In South Lake Tahoe.

I have also performed my hypnosis shows for numerous conventions, colleges, schools all over the USA but primarily in California and  Northern Nevada because this is where I live. However I do  travel quite a bit and you can easily hire me to perform for your group in your state.
If you are looking for a hypnosis show for your event I'd love to perform for you and I usually even write some custom material for you too.
To book this comedy hypnosis show call 775-425-5847

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Here is more reasons  why hypnosis shows make great entertainment and are tons of fun. In these videos you will see both a variety of  routines from my show which will give you a great idea of what can happen if you book this as entertainment at your special event or party.  The video clip on the right is with some very cool folks who are  bilingual in English and Spanish and who came to my hypnosis show. I ended up doing a funny routine in Spanish with one of them.  One of them owns an insurance company and the other sells advertising for my favorite TV network Telemundo and Univision.  The other women are college students. Here they all are giving a testimonial about their experience at my hypnosis show in both Spanish and in English.
This is Gloria. She attended my hypnosis show with her family and volunteered o be in my show. The was very funny and I interviewed her about her experience being hypnotized in my show.
I keep seeing her on Facebook and I believe that she is a  college student at a University in San Diego. Possibly San Diego State University.  I hope I hypnotized her to get straight A's.

Another reason why a hypnosis show is a ton of fun for your special event
To book this hypnosis
show call 775-425-5847
I made this brief video while siting in the theater after one of my hypnosis shows. It doesnt matter if your party or special event takes place in a real showroom like this one or in a convention center, banquet room or somewhere more intimate. Either way comedy hypnosis shows are  interesting, and tons of fun for any special event, company event or party.
Here a video clip from my hypnosis show in Tahoe that took place on a night where we had a very small audience.
That was mostly made up of families.  Under hypnosis I told them that they were Martians. Enjoy
These are some pretty cool clips from my hypnosis show how a hypnotist can cause hallucinations. Notice how they hallucinated that  things disappeared, reappeared, shrunk and grew.
Here is an interview with a student who thought that hypnosis shows were fake. He fell into hypnosis in the audience and became a big star of the show.  This show was in or near San Mateo,Santa Clara
or The San Francisco Bay Area
Here are some more samples of my hypnosis shows for you to enjoy.
These people came to get hypnotized and have fun. The two on the left came to my hypnosis show to celebrate
her daughters birthday.  I had her mom talking to her shoes, playing piano she was Elton John, Barry Manilow
and more.
The power of the mind is awesome!
Here's a photo of a
man who is
under hypnosis
he believes that
he is a super hero
and a knight in armor
here to save the day.
Then I snap my fingers & he thinks he's a Transformer
and more
because anything is possible
while under hypnosis.
People come to my hypnosis shows for a variety of reasons. This  video is from my show at the Horizon  Hotel Casino in South Lake Tahoe. Here's 2 women who were part of a group of bachelorettes  having their party in  Tahoe.  They were a big part of the show and there is my video of them discussing their experience after the hypnosis show.
You never know what will happen in a hypnosis show.
My hypnosis shows  are different every night because I change the  routines based on who the volunteers are, the audience and  based on things that take place that give me  "improv opportunities."  At this particular show a lady had her service dog with her and she was sitting in the front row. I kept looking at this dog waiting for  the right moment to  do some kind of hypnosis routine with him in the show. You can see that the young man on my stage has a University of Nevada shirt on. I told him that he was the, "Dog Whisperer" and he cold  read the dogs mind. Of course I had no idea what " the dog might say" so I had to  think fast and tell the guy to only say "clean words."  I tell the  guy to speak "dog language" and he says he will speak to him using telekenesis. Notice how serious he is. It was an interesting routine.

This lady came to my  "Chris Cady's Get Hypnotized Comedy hypnosis show from The San Jose area. She was very excited when she  ran up on stage and entered hypnosis very quickly and was profoundly hypnotized. She was an amazing volunteer and a great part of the show that night. After the hypnosis show we got a chance to speak in the lobby and her first words were, " I don't think I was hypnotized"  Her friends were shocked and told me that there was not way that she was NOT hypnotized because she is normally reserved.  I have heard this many times before when someone is in my hypnosis show because they just don't know what hypnosis is until I explain it to them.

  Here are some more video samples of my hypnosis shows for you to enjoy.
These people came to my show to get hypnotized and have fun. The two ladies on the left came to my hypnosis show to celebrate her daughters birthday.  While under hypnosis I had her mom talking to her shoes, playing piano she was Elton John, and more.  It was great entertainment for all.