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However if you go back to the home page or If you scroll down and click on the link for that says "hypnosis show" you will find more then enough videos of my show to be able to make a decision on booking my hypnosis show for your party or special event.  After you watch the video then call my office at 775-425-5847 to find out about my price and availability.

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What Is HYPNOSIS Anyway? I get that question all the time.

As a hypnotist every time I perform a hypnosis show or every time I discuss hypnosis with anyone I get asked What is hypnosis?

Here is the simple answer

It is a dream like state of mind.

I am a hypnosis entertainer who performs Stage Hypnosis and hypnotherapy all over the world.  I most frequently perform throughout the Reno Lake Tahoe Nevada area for casino and corporate conventions and special events events. I have probably performed at every hotel casino in Northern Nevada (and I love it).

Hypnosis Is Fascinating and Very Effective

People ask me questions about hypnosis and I always tell them that one of the best ways to understand hypnosis is to experience hypnosis either in a show or to experience it with a hypnosis cd , mp3 or to simply find a hypnotist / hypnotherapist who you feel that you connect with and have them hypnotize you for something that you would like to  improve. If you don't have any bad habits that you want to overcome you could make your hypnosis session something as simple as  better sleep or improved self confidence or just experiencing some sort of more creative way to experience some outcome of something  that you desire.

With Reno being so close to Sacramento, The San Francisco Bay Area and The greater San Jose  Santa Clara California area I also perform my hypnosis shows there frequently and also have many hypnosis / hypnotherapy clients there. I guess you could say that  I travel and by day I am a Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist (based) out of Reno / Sparks Nevada  however you do not need to live here  in-order for me to put you into hypnosis because  because I  do hypnosis appointments by telephone and Skype with people from all over the United States, Canada and  of course world wide. Also with Reno / Sparks being so close to Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area and San Jose, Santa Clara San Mateo County (aka Silicon Valley)  I am frequently hypnotizing an entire team at a training camp sports  facility, college or with a client privately somewhere in Northern California or elsewhere in the world where people want to  take something to the next level, get a competitive advantage  and  they understand that hypnosis is the fastest way to do this because the mind controls the body.

A bit more about hypnosis.

When you are in hypnosis you are using the same part of your brain that you use while you are DREAMING and you are open to suggestion.

I could go on and on explaining what hypnosis is here but its a lot more fun if you  come to a show or  click on my hypnosis videos page and watch a few of my  hypnosis videos.   Even then you may not understand. But what is important to know about hypnosis is this.


Hypnosis is about being open to suggestion and then accepting that suggestion as FACT. When this happens amazing things happen. Often times the person who was hypnotized does not even remember being in hypnosis. That is just part of what makes hypnosis so fascinating.

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Under hypnosis people will believe pretty much anything!
This video clip of my hypnosis show is an excellent example of hypnosis and its ability to allow someone to experience something that is seemingly impossible.

As I stated elsewhere on this site. Hypnosis is a dreamlike state of mind where the person in hypnosis is open to suggestion even if the reality of it is impossible such as the suggestion  that I gave this lovely lady in my hypnosis show. "Your hat is talking to you." She absolutely believes this suggestion and responds accordingly.  Even when I make the hypnotic suggestion that " Your hat only speaks Spanish, you have to speak to it in Spanish" She responds with her best attempt at speaking Spanish to her hat.  Then I say, "Besame Mucho" which means "Kiss me much or kiss me a lot" Watch her face & you will see how flattered  & pleased she becomes as she responds to the hypnotic suggestion of kisses & love." Of course  the reality is that hats don't talk. However while under hypnosis when people are "in a trance" they suspend disbelief & believe everything as fact.

The video here is of a hypnosis show which of course is just for entertainment. But what is important is that if you want to use hypnosis to install a new belief in yourself such as your ability to do something in a way that you believed was not even possible by experiencing it while in hypnosis where you are safe to explore a new way of thinking and acting, reacting, feeling and responding, being in hypnosis is a way that you can do it.
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Chris Cady
Master Hypnotist

"Experience Hypnosis"
Everyone in this video is in hypnosis and having a wonderful time.
Here is a video of one of my hypnosis shows from a fair in San Jose or Santa Clara California. There were around 14 people all under hypnosis on stage. You will see that the lady in the middle is profoundly hypnotized and very  responsive to hypnosis.
Here is another hypnosis  demo video of mine showing different fun examples of hypnosis.
Here is my hypnosis flyer.