People ask me all the time
What is hypnotism? Here is my reply

Hypnosis and hypnotism are 2 words for the same thing

Hypnotism is much like electricity. No one really knows what it is but unless you are amish we use it anyway.  Hypnotism has power.

Hypnotism is an altered state of mind. It is a way of programming the mind so that it functions through the automatic nervous system rather than the sympathetic nervous system. Confused yet?
Good! I like it that way.

For me trying to explain hypnotism to you is like trying to explain LOVE.

Do you really need an explanation of love in-order to enjoy it?

You don't need to understand hypnotism either. If you are interested in hypnotism the best way to learn about it is to just experience it ( just like almost everything else in life)

I have used it to help  people heal disease, stop  pain, walk and use limbs that they previously could not use, heal from a stroke and heart attack, stop smoking... gain self confidence, end a  stuttering problem, wake up from a coma, get rid of phobias and fears, sleep better at night... I have worked with athletes in every sport on the mental side of their game and YES I  USE HYPNOTISM  TO ENTERTAIN!

So if you want to know more about hypnotism just come to my show and watch or better get hypnotized and then you will have experienced it AWESOME POWER.

hypnotism poster of hypnotist chris cady