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Hypnotherapy Questions

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for any sport.


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If you are looking for Hypnotherapy for non sports issues

including stopping smoking, weight loss, better sleep, self confidence, stage fright, removing fears, breaking a bad  habit, healing from surgery better and faster, finding lost things and more...

This is the page for YOU.

After every hypnosis show, people have questions for me about hypnotherapy and getting hypnotized.

I will attempt to answer them here very briefly.

To begin

YES I conduct hypnotherapy sessions by telephone and through skype. I do remote appointments  all the time and it is VERY EFFECTIVE. All you need is a head set or a speakerphone.

I hypnotize people of ALL AGES.  Minors must have parental permission)

I also conduct hypnotherapy sessions in person.

Making a hypnosis appointment:

If you have questions or want to make an appointment for hypnotherapy send me an  email or

call 775-425-5847  you will usually need to leave me a message.  I am the only one that hears it.

While most people only seem to associate hypnosis with weight loss and stopping smoking,

Hypnotherapy is HIGHLY effective for most human conditions including  better sleep, stress

reduction, self confidence, focus, anxiety, getting rid of any sort of FEAR or phobia, healing illnesses and

diseases, improved sports and music performance.... YOU NAME IT!

Your success or failure will be based on many variables

the biggest one is


When I say that I mean,  YOUR OWN desire and not someone else's desire for you to overcome the challenge, habit etc that you are looking to fix using hypnosis.

The other variables have to do with the hypnotherapists ability to  "jell with you"  and make you

comfortable and  figure out what makes you tick.

Your ability to be honest with your hypnotherapist and discuss your REAL motivations and YOUR REAL GOALS!


Well there is no last. There are too many variables to list.

But here is the deal amigos. If you seek hypnotherapy with ME.

I will tell you this

I am very different than most hypnotherapists.  I'm not a metaphysical new age "fluff ball" space cadet type.  There are no crystals or "moon rocks" here.  I do believe in God. I have nothing to do with the occult or any kind of "black magic."

The smarter that you are  the EASIER it is for you to become hypnotized because hypnosis requires  concentration.

Creative people are VERY EASY to hypnotize and  ANAL-lytical ( did you catch that)  people  are a bit more difficult and require a special approach.

If you are an engineer type, doctor, accountant, financial person, teacher, scientist, someone with a strong need for control, or someone who naturally wants to "over think" things and figure everything out...  that puts you into the  ANAL-lytical category which means that I will need to use my super secret techniques with you that  most other hypnotherapists  don't have a clue about.

I have had many people in the above category call me after failing with other hypnotherapists and have massive success with me based on my unique approach.  So if that's you, you can warn me that you are one of these types when you call, but chances are I will know  based on your high vocabulary, serious tone in your voice  and all of the questions that you ask me about hypnosis.


If you are getting a hypnosis CD or mp3 from me, I do my best to match you with the best program.

If you are hiring me for a personal hypnosis session:

I do  hypnosis sessions in person and by phone.  I do sessions by phone all the time for my clients who live far away. The results are equally as effective as they are  in person. All you need is a headset or a speaker phone.

I have a screening process that we go through on the phone to see if we are a match or not.  I honestly turn down a lot of  prospective  hypnosis clients because there are many folks who I can  tell that I'm not a proper match for.  I will know you when you call me. If I feel that we are not a proper match, don't be offended. It's what's best for YOU that matters most to me.

Many of the clients who work with me  want to stop smoking, lose weight, gain self confidence, reduce stress or sleep better and come from all walks of life.

Then  there are a LOT of  entertainers, musicians, artistic people, professional and serious athletes (especially baseball players, football players, hockey players,bowlers and golfers), business leaders, women, men of all ages and races who want  help in a variety of areas of improving their lives.  A LOT of retired military people find their way to me too. I should mention that I get great results with military and retired military because they have a certain mindset that I seem to be able to understand.

Many of my hypnotherapy clients  think of themselves as fairly "hard nosed,"   smart and COMPETITIVE! My athletic clients use me as a "competitive advantage"  because I  help them use hypnosis to get more out of themselves by staying motivated, FOCUSED and locked in and mentally tough.

If you are an athlete or just interested in using  hypnotherapy for  your  "mental game," I have a variety of sports mental game conditioning programs for athletes.

My musician clients  primarily work with me for stage fright, boosting creativity and issues that pertain to challenges that are unique to show business.

If we work together or  if you  use  one of my hypnosis mp3s or CDs, you will hear everything that I say. I can't make you do anything against your will and I don't control your mind.  What I do is  give YOU MORE CONTROL over yourself.

A few more things about hypnosis and hypnotherapy:

You also cannot get stuck in hypnosis.

There is no danger unless you are completely stupid and listen to a hypnosis program while you are driving your car, motorcycle, bike etc, because the first thing that I do is tell you to close your eyes.

The appropriate place to  listen to a hypnosis mp3 or CD or  work with any hypnotherapist  is while in a safe place such as your bed.

Making a Hypnosis Appointment:

If you have questions or want to make an appointment for hypnotherapy send me an  email or

call 775-425-5847  you will have to leave me a message.  I am the only one that hears it.

Hypnotherapist Chris Cady
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