My name is Chris Cady, I lead an unusual life, I'm a Hypnotist

You probably think you know what a hypnotist does.

Trust me you have no idea....

You probably think hypnotists are from the "dark side"

Many folks are afraid to look me in the eyes....

Some folks think a hypnotist has magic powers...

Some folks know the truth....

Come and experience this hypnotist for yourself
Discover How This Hypnotist Will Make Your Next Event The Most Fun & Memorable One Ever

Or how I can help you improve your life using hypnosis!
There is more about what I can do for you as a hypnotist down below.

You will see that it can help you with stopping smoking, weight loss, overcoming all sorts of FEARS and phobias  including fear of public speaking, stage fright, social anxiety, taking tests, tons of things relating to lack of self confidence.   Feeling  more confidence in your self in general or your abilities in sports, entertainment, anything to do with the performing arts etc.

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The difference between me and most of the other hypnotists is this...

I'm the hypnotist who GETS YOU the results...
I'm not the hypnotist who almost gets you the results.

There is a very good reason for that and you will learn why only when you come to see me for your hypnosis session or if you get one of my CDs or if you hire me to perform one of my hypnosis shows.

I don't mind bragging that I am a very, very, very good hypnotist.

I'm so good at getting people  to get the results that they want using hypnosis that If there were an Olympics for hypnotists I would get a gold medal for it.

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Come see what a hypnotist does, explore hypnosis, enjoy
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So if you hire me as your hypnotist  to perform a hypnosis show for your company or school event YOU and your guests are going to have a GREAT TIME! And if you hire me to hypnotize you to help you improve an area or your life that you need some help with.   There is a VERY good chance that you will get what you want very quickly.

I can't honestly  tell you  that I have a  100% success rate but its darned close to 100%
and there is a very good reason for it. It's a closely guarded secret that is only shared with those who come and see me.

When it comes to other hypnotists, most are well meaning but are simply incompetent or they just don't have my ability. They are like a little league coach trying to work in the major leagues.

The difference between me and most of the other hypnotists is this...

I'm the guy who GETS YOU the results...I'm not the guy who almost gets you the results.

There is a very good reason for that and you will learn why only when you come to see me for your hypnosis session here in my Reno office.

This is also why I charge more then most hypnotists do. But if things go as planned you will pay me only ONCE. With cheaper hypnotists  you have to come back over and over. It benefits me to "fix you" in one session because there will be a time when your friends need a hypnotist and  you will refer your friends to me. That's why when you come to see me to stop smoking, sleep better, gain confidence, work on the mental game of your sport, overcome your phobia etc you usually come and get hypnotized one time.

I respect your time, your money and your health.

If you are a smoker - with cigarettes you pay with your money, your health and with the quality of your life.  With other "issues" or "hang ups" you pay at least twice because you don't get what you want out of life.

Trust me I'm a lot cheaper then chemotherapy, having a lung removed, a lifetime of inhalers, oxygen tanks, or all the money you will spend on cosmetics to cover up your wrinkled skin and all the things that you "couldda and shoudda done."

If you are thinking about seeing a hypnotist to help you  just because your mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, is bugging you to stop your unwanted behavior ...and ultimately you just want them to stop nagging you so you can keep on doing it
... Please  don't call me
because I'm not interested in messing around with you. It's a waste of time and money.

However, If you really want to stop whatever this "thing is"  and you are, "sick and tired of being sick and tired"and you want to stop messing around and really make a permanent change ...

Reno, Sparks Northern Nevada, Northern California
  for hypnotherapy or if you are calling to book a hypnosis show call 775-425-5847

Chris Cady
Master Hypnotist

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