Hypnotist Chris Cady Hypnosis Show


"One of the best evenings for the family and  one of the best hypnotist shows Northern Nevada has seen."
- Mel Shields, Sacramento Bee

Jen Schmidt, Tahoe World Magazine

"A Great Little Reno Show That I Highly Recommend."
- Jack Neal, KUNR Radio

"Outlandish…Totally Unpredictable…Downright Hilarious!"

"Every Hypnosis show is completely different. He takes volunteers from the audience and performs a mass hypnosis. There's nothing planned, there's nothing scripted. It's completely real."
Reno Gazette Journal

"Hypnotist Chris Cady entertains with the power of suggestion...You will laugh harder than you've ever laughed in your life"
Reno Magazine

"A Riot From Start To Finish!"

Imagine... the lights go down, the hypnotist appears and volunteers fill the stage.  You'll witness a real hypnotic induction, and then the fun begins… 

Here are a few of the many different things you will experience during this hilarious hypnosis show that includes props, music and hilarious HYPNOSIS:

    You'll be mystified as regular everyday people from the audience are hypnotized and then transformed into dynamic performers like all with just a simple word or snap of the fingers from the hypnotist…

    You'll be amazed as  hypnotized men go into labor and give birth!

    You'll laugh hysterically as  the hypnosis show volunteers get hypnotized & become cheerleaders or swap brains with  The Governator or Trump … instantly forget their names, dance like ballerinas … travel to Mars & speak Martian … someone just might become  Justin Beber, Beyonce, Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young, Jennifer Lopez, Garth Brooks,  or any celebrity..

    This show is perfect for audiences of all ages, & the hypnosis comedy is clean enough to bring your entire family or your company to.  Approximate hypnosis show length 60-90 minutes!

    This performance uses real  hypnotism which will blow you away. It is very a very unique experience for corporate events, any company, convention, holiday party (formerly known as a Christmas Party) school or group looking for "something different" when it comes to entertainment.

To Book Hypnotist Chris Cady For Your Party, Convention or Special Event Call NOW
This hypnosis video shown just below was  filmed right after my hypnosis show that took place in a Lake Tahoe Casino.  These ladies were from the San Jan Jose & Santa Clara California area.  You will hear her talk about how she always wanted to be hypnotized & how being hypnotized was cool and weird & amazing.

I put several clips of my hypnosis shows
on both big and small stages so that you can see how this show will fit into any sized room on a big stage with a lot of volunteers in a big theater, banquet room, convention center etc or on a small stage in a small banquet room with a small number of volunteers. 

SCIENTIST HYPNOTIZED... Though he was too intelligent...

There are also many other hypnosis videos down below and on other pages within this site. Something that you might find interesting is that at the hypnotized  man in my show at :22 seconds who does not know his name is actually a very intelligent scientist who invents prosthetics and basically "bionic man" type limbs for people. You will see a short interview with him on this video too. He as a fascinating man. You will hear him say. "I thought I was far too intelligent for this to happen to me."


You will also see video clips of me hypnotizing  high school seniors  / graduates at their "graduation night party." Its quite common for them to hire a hypnotist for these sober grad night parties.  I LOVE performing for them. The grads are FUN and I'm proud to be part of keeping them safe on grad night.


There are also video clips here from when I had an ongoing hypnosis show in downtown Reno Nevada at the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts and my other ongoing show that at was the Horizon Hotel in South Lake Tahoe. 


You will also see testimonials from men and women of all ages who were in my hypnosis show from all over the United States. Because Reno and Tahoe are a big vacation destination for people from  California we had many visitors from Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area and the San Jose, Santa Clara area.
A lot of artists, musicians  and athletes attended
After many people from the silicon valley technology industry attended we  got a large influx of engineers.
They find hypnosis funny and both scientifically interesting at the same time.

There are also testimonials from  teachers, college students, coaches, doctors,  teens and people from all walks of life.


There is also a video clip from a nice lady who had previously attended my hypnosis show and did not believe that hypnosis was real.  You will hear her discuss how she volunteered because she wanted to resist me and prove  to herself that hypnosis was not real.  Prior to our post show conversation in the lobby I had NO idea that this is why she volunteered to be in the show. However she could NOT resist me. She had not been hypnotized before and said, "I want to see if this is for real. And I found out it was REALLY REAL."
The video is edited but she told me that she was a school teacher. She also told me that she was also very creative as was her friend and they were both into art.  She may have even be an art teacher but I'm not certain. I just remember that she educated elementary school children. I explained to them that creative people go into hypnosis very easily.
...She sure did!...


A female soccer team  from central California come to see my show in Reno while here for a soccer tournament. One of the volunteers was a coach. You will see in the video that I told him he was, "The Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger" I had him give a speech to the people of California in Spanish and in French.  As you will hear he sounds quite fluent. The audience was in stitches. After the show I interviewed him and he did not remember anything that took place during the show.  While in hypnosis some people remember everything. Others remember bits and pieces and others have complete amnesia. asked how many languages he spoke and he said ONE! Then I gave him a post hypnotic suggestion and told him he would remember everything that took place in he hypnosis show  and I snapped my fingers. He instantly remembered everything and he was quite surprised. He had no idea why it was that he could speak Spanish and French.

There are other clips from my hypnosis shows down below showing a wide variety of people and routines.
If you are  looking for a hypnotist. I hope I have given you enough information to make a decision to hire me to perform for your  group.  I perform for  colleges, conventions, schools, parties of all kinds, resorts, and more.

There is a list of some of the clients and resorts and country clubs that I have performed for on  different pages within this website.

The lady in the above video clip attended my hypnosis show with her mom on her birthday.
Both of them walked up on stage & got hypnotized in the show.
They were a lot of fun & they both told me that they enjoyed being hypnotized.Hypnotist Chris Cady also uses hypnosis to entertain at corporate entertainment events, conventions, company parties, grad nights, colleges and more.

Like reading about hypnosis?

Here's a lovely

Press article from the Reno Gazette Journal About  Hypnotist Chris Cady

That's hypno-tainment

Local stage  hypnotist brings out volunteers creative sides

This is an article originally appeared in the Reno Gazette Journal

By Siobhan McAndrew

Dominic Gentile acted out giving birth on stage in front of 200 laughing business associates. He also imitated Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Chinese dictator and President George Bush.

"I remember everything I did but was in a really relaxed, almost sleeping state," said Gentile of Reno, who agreed to be hypnotized on stage during a Builders Association of Northern Nevada dinner held at John Ascuaga's Nugget in Sparks.

He was one of 15 volunteers who were hypnotized by Chris Cady, a Reno stage hypnotist.
" I guess its something I wouldn't normally do (when) not under hypnosis, like the giving birth part but it was funny. I knew what I was doing but seemed more willing to do it." said Gentile, "but I can do a good Arnold accent under or not under."

Cady, who has hypnotized thousands, performs his family friendly show for high schools, colleges, conventions, business groups and private parties. He is one of two stage hypnotists performing in Northern Nevada.

Life of fascination

"When I  was a kid, I read a book on it and it was intriguing." said Cady, who has been hypnotizing people for  10 years.

He said that after being in a mall that was hit by an airplane in Concord California in 1986 he went to a hypnotist to deal with the stress of helping with the rescue efforts.
"I realized it was something that still interested me," said Cady.

"Then I went to a show and saw a stage hypnotist do it and he just didn't have an entertaining personality. It was like he was doing a lecture, a long stuffy lecture."

Cady said he knew  being a stage hypnotist and having an entertaining act would do well.
He went to a hypnotist school then worked with a hypno-therapist who had 25 years experience.

Finally , he developed an act. He performs his show several nights a week.

Cady usually can hypnotize a group in less then 10 minutes. He then taps on hypnotized participants and induces them to act out different personalities or characters raging from Elvis to aliens. Those who are not hypnotized, he excuses form the stage.

He will vary the show depending on the group.  "Usually you can tie in something to the group you are performing for and make each   performance original,"

Finding volunteers for the act is easy.

Cady said the best people for hypnotism are creative types who can block out distractions.

"When you are hypnotized, you are in a sleep-like state where you are just using the imagination side of your brain," he said, He said more analytical types such as engineers, are harder to hypnotize.

Cady also does private sessions to help people quit smoking, lose weight or improve sports performance.

Brooke Mills, who was  also hypnotized at the builders association event was eager to try it out for fun.

"The things people told me I did were things I could never do in front of 100 people," said Brooke, who acted out being an alien while hypnotized,. She somehow even knew an alien language while hypnotized.

"I mean ( I can't believe I was) dancing and singing, I have stage fright," she said. " I  get nervous about anything, but remembering back, it was like no one was there, I remember  seeing everyone, but nothing mattered, I was so relaxed."

To book a stage hypnotist for your next party, group or convention
Contact: Chris Cady
Or 775-425-5847

Here is another interesting hypnosis  article about a hypnosis show that I had running in Reno for 2 years

Hypnotist zones in on Pioneer Underground
Show will be on indefinite run at theater
BY FORREST HARTMAN   (note to reader: this article on my hypnosis show is here because its a good article. My hypnosis show played there for 2 years. However my show is no longer at this theater.

Less than two months after magicians Mark Kalin and Jinger Leigh left the Magic Underground theater, the venue is springing back to life with a new name and new headline act.

Now dubbed Pioneer Underground, the small theater at the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts will reopen tonight with the first of many performances by hypnotist Chris Cady. The Spanish Springs-based performer is partnering with Jeff Leep, owner of Leep Entertainment, to provide regular programming at the theater, all of it anchored by his show, "Get Hypnotized!"

Currently, Cady plans to perform Fridays through Sundays each week, To get things started, he'll deliver eight shows through the (dates removed as event has passed), including three this weekend for the benefit of Toys for Tots.

Is he worried about attracting an audience night after night in the same venue? Not a bit.

"Every show is completely different," Cady said. "I have over 200 routines that I draw from, and in the show there's maybe 20 different routines done. It changes constantly based on who the audience is, who the volunteers are, their ages, what kind of vibe I'm getting from them. There's a lot of improv involved as well."

Cady said he starts his performances by explaining the basics of hypnosis. Then he takes volunteers from the audience and performs a mass hypnosis.

"We do a real hypnotic induction," he said. "There's nothing planned, there's nothing scripted. Sometimes people think that there are stooges involved, and that's not the case at all. It's completely real."
Cady said he doesn't have trouble getting volunteers once he eases the initial concerns of audience members.

"The number-one fears are revealing secrets, loss of control and fear of exiting," he said. "They're not going to lose control, I'm not going to ask them anything personal and they can't get stuck in hypnosis. That's impossible. Once they understand that and they see I've got a friendly face, I don't look spooky, they'll go, 'OK, I feel comfortable now.' Then people will come up."
Although Cady doesn't ask hypnotized subjects personal questions, he does ask them to do funny things that the audience can enjoy.

"Men will give birth," he said. "I'll make somebody Britney Spears. I'll make somebody Elvis. "" I'll make them sing a song about their favorite food. I make somebody the Governator, and they'll imitate Arnold Schwarzenegger."

Cady said volunteers not only star in the show, they enjoy the experience.

"They have a great time," he said. "Most people are not super-creative and they're not super-outgoing. Or, maybe they are but they just don't get a chance to get up on stage and perform "" Now is their opportunity to explore this creative side of their brain that's called the subconscious mind. And the feeling of hypnosis is profoundly relaxing."

Cady said he first tried hypnosis while struggling with terrible memories of a tragedy he witnessed. In 1985, when he was 17, he was working in a record store at Sun Valley Mall in Concord, Calif., and a small plane crashed into the building, killing seven people.

"I ended up with post-traumatic stress, and in order to get rid of my post-traumatic stress I ended up using hypnosis," he said. "I went to the library and I read about it. Then, I went to Tower Books and they had some hypnosis tapes. I bought them and things started working for me because I learned it was all about refocusing your mind."

After years of self-training, Cady decided to get more serious in 2000 when he went to school and was certified as a clinical hypnotherapist. He also trained with a private teacher.

When Cady isn't performing at (venue removed), the venue will be available to other organizations who want to rent it. And Cady and Leep plan on booking other performers into the venue on occasion. But that's later. First, they're trying to get the word out that "Get Hypnotized!" is going to be a regular feature.
"I'm very excited about it," Cady said. "We think we've got something very different."

About The Hypnosis Show

Get Hypnotized is an all ages comedy hypnosis show featuring volunteers from the audience. It's a non-stop roller coaster ride of laughs as Master Hypnotist Chris Cady takes you on a mind-blowing tour of "fast-trance hypnosis."  He combines comedy, music, drama & the power of the mind to bring you a unique entertainment experience where audience volunteers are the stars of the show. (Don't worry, he won't turn you into a chicken…)

Kellene Stockwell
Channel 2 News
Hypnotist Chris Cady doesn't put people to sleep for a living. "Just allow yourself to drift on down...relaxing every nerve, muscle, every fiber in your body."

It's more like extreme relaxation, a state of heightened imagination. "When I snap my fingers you'll be playing the piano with great animation."

This musical interlude is just one example he can manipulate volunteers who've fallen into a trance at his family-friendly show called ‘Get Hypnotized' at (hypnosis show venue removed).

Some people walk into the theater believing hypnosis is fake and they leave unconvinced. "Other times at the end of the show they'll tell me out in the lobby, ‘I was completely skeptical but because my spouse went up there, now I know it's real because they would never do that.'"

Like Cheri Rich, who before hypnosis only recalled owning her own house cleaning business, but her professional changed with just a snap of Chris' fingers. "I'm Cheri Rich. Kristen Remington is on vacation...."

Chris got into hypnosis 20 years ago and is dedicated to helping the community in which he entertains. Most recently he started a campaign to feed our area's hungry children. "When I found that a third of the children in our area are hungry everyday I just thought, ‘I'm so blessed to have this theater. I can do something to help out.'"

So he's inviting you to ‘Get Hypnotized' later this month

This hilarious comedy  hypnosis show has been performed all over the world and it makes for hilarious interactive comedy entertainment and is perfect  entertainment for company Christmas and holiday parties.

Hypnotist Chris Cady uses comedy and hypnosis to create a wonderful hypnosis show  for your company event, party, school, association, or convention in  Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Nevada, California, San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, San Jose, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Arizona, Texas, Seattle Washington, Utah or pretty much anywhere in the United States where people want the kind of fun interactive entertainment that a Hypnosis show can bring to their party.

Skeptical? Here's How Hypnosis  Works

Every time I perform a hypnosis show for a Silicon Valley Technology type company,  they are always a ton of fun.  I also get a lot of interesting questions that I don't get  in other parts of the country. Its also really interesting for me to notice how the sales and marketing people have very different questions and comments than the Engineers.  I love these questions and it always makes me think.... So

If you are a really smart and curious
Silicon Valley Engineer Type who has a compelling need to  "figure it all out"  or you are  just interested in how hypnosis works, I wrote this next part just for you.

I'm going to take this very scientific topic of hypnosis and make it very easy for you to understand so that you can make a wise decision without being bored to death with medical mumbo jumbo.

Understanding Hypnosis
Your brain is a giant computer and your body is like a robot. All your body does is follow the instructions given to it by the computer.
Get it?

As a hypnotist I give your computer ( your brain)  instructions and
Your computer (your brain) tells your robot (your body  to do something and your body responds.
Your brain is divided into 2 parts. You've got your conscious mind and your sub conscious mind. Your conscious mind is the part that you are using right now as you are reading each of these words and thinking about these words and analyzing them. Then there's your subconscious mind. This is the more powerful part of your mind. This is the part that works like a giant hard drive of a computer and it stores information. It stores speech,  music, sounds, thoughts, feelings, memories, pictures, experiences,  words and Its also responsible for your imagination and your dreams. Its the part of your brain that makes you feel certain emotions when you hear music, see a picture or say certain words. Its the part of your brain that drives all of your creativity and your actions and in the case of  a hypnosis show, its the   part of your brain that you are using while hypnotized on stage.

Are you with me so far?

Through  a special  hypnotic relaxation process which I do very quickly  on stage,  I quickly bypass your conscious mind and  tap into your subconscious mind.
Hypnotizing engineers, doctors and other scientist types can frequently take a little bit longer than everyone else because they  naturally  want to stay in their conscious mind and analyze this process instead of just "let it happen"  however once they "let go"  and let their subconscious mind take over  the results are  always incredible hypnosis.

This is  because your subconscious mind 
believes everything that I say as fact no matter how outlandish the hypnotic suggestion.

Its also the part of your brain that allows you to,  “get wild and have fun on stage”

The subconscious mind  is also that part of the mind that allows great performers, comedians, speakers or singers or musicians to improvise masterfully in a performance because their  subconscious mind knows what notes to play automatically.

Your subconscious mind is also responsible for all of your bodily functions such as breathing and blinking, body motions and it also controls your thoughts and FEELINGS.

Your subconscious mind also access feelings of confidence or feelings of nervousness all depending on what kind of "program" is being run. This is why great  stage performers, perform  with such confidence, warmth and feeling. They are profoundly relaxed, confident and are performing “in the moment”  from deep within their subconscious mind. Basically they are hypnotized. 
The same thing happens during one of my hypnosis shows.

This is why after  one of my hypnosis shows when I interview  the  volunteers they will describe their experience  being hypnotized in the the same  way that my professional entertainers  do.   The reason is that  when a person is in hypnosis all of the suggestions that are given by the hypnotist  are  REAL in the mind of the  hypnotized person.

This is  one of the  many reasons why a hypnotist  show is so much darned fun at a party.
Hypnotist Chris
Hypnotist Promises Memorable Valentine’s Day Comedy Hypnosis Show
Edited from an article in the Best Bets Section of The Reno Gazette Journal February 2015
Men giving birth or strut  their stuff on stage as dancers. Women suddenly rocking out on the guitar, swinging their arms like Pete Townshend of The Who.
Anything can happen at one of Chris Cady’s comedy hypnosis shows and that could be particularly true of the one scheduled at the JA Nugget. The performance is themed as adult – only.
Cady, who had a family friendly comedy hypnosis show for two years at the Pioneer Underground, stresses that this one is for ages 18 and older.
He also had a hypnosis show with a one year run at a South Lake Tahoe Casino.
“Valentine’s Day is a Day of Love,” he said, “Children are conceived on Valentine’s Day.  We are going to get wild without being filthy.”
It’s hard to say what will happen at Cady’s show as he has about 200 different routines in his head to pull from. What ends up occurring depends in great part upon the volunteers.
During the show, many of the volunteers become deeply relaxed as Cady uses fast –trance hypnosis, which makes them amenable to humorous suggestions and interactions.
“The show is really improvised,” he said, I don’t really know what I’m going to do before I have my volunteers up there.”
The upside for those anxious about being on stage is that no one has to volunteer this is because there usually are plenty of creative types willing to participate.
In fact, creative people often are the best volunteers, simply  because hypnosis utilizes the creative part of the brain, according to Cady.
After the show. Cady often talks with the volunteers and finds out what audience members thought of the show.

Even though I perform a lot of comedy hypnosis shows for all sorts of conventions and company and casino events in the Lake Tahoe Reno Sparks area I travel all over the United States performing for lots of wonderful people of all ages.

Also with Reno / Sparks Nevada  ( this is where I live)  being so close to Sacramento California the San Francisco Bay Area, Contra Costa and San Jose Santa Clara San Mateo County and Contra Costa County I am frequently hypnotizing people at many of the country clubs or parties that  technology companies in  the area like to hold for their team members

Chris Cady, Master Hypnotist

Here is a partial list of the hotels, casinos  & other venues where I have performed
my comedy hypnosis shows

Horizon Hotel Casino Resort, South Lake Tahoe, NV - From February- September 2011

Pioneer Center For The Performing Arts -  2 years From 2008- December 2010

Grand Sierra Resort

Caesar's Tahoe

Reno Hilton

John Ascuaga’s Nugget, Sparks

Atlantis Casino


Silver Legacy

2012  Santa Clara County Fair

Sands Regency

Eldorado Hotel

Tropicana Las Vegas

Hyatt Tahoe, North Lake Tahoe.

Harvey’s South Lake Tahoe

Harrah’s  South Lake Tahoe and Reno

Circus Circus

Four Seasons Hotel Palo Alto

Fairmont Hotel San Jose

Hyatt Regency Santa Clara Silicon Valley

Hilton Santa Clara

Westin Palo Alto

Sheraton Sacramento

Hyatt San Francisco and a bunch of other ones.

Universal Sheraton Los Angeles

Embassy Suites Tahoe, Sacramento, Texas and everywhere else.

Stockmen's Elko, NV

Las Vegas Hilton

Montbleu Resort

Heavenly Ski Resort

Squaw Valley Ski Resort

The Resort at Squaw Creek

Grandlibakken Resort

Hilton Cancun

Hilton Waikoloa Village

Several Universities throughout the USA.


Santa Clara Marriott and a LOT of other ones too.

Are you impressed yet?

I have performed my comedy hypnosis shows everywhere including places like San Jose & throughout the Silicon Valley, and all of Northern & Southern California & Nevada & pretty much the entire  United States. But it does not really matter. If you are actually reading all of this please go back and watch my videos because if you like them, then you will like my hypnosis show.  It WILL be great entertainment for your grad night, convention, party or special event.

It WILL work, Your  guests WILL LAUGH and your boss WILL love it!

Are you looking for a HYPNOTIST? Here you will find hypnosis show and useful information about hypnosis & hypnotist Chris Cady.  This amazing new show is great entertainment  He performs worldwide but mostly in Reno, Lake Tahoe,  and Northern California. When you scroll down you will see a long list. A hypnotist can cover a lot of territory so if your party is in another area "don't worry be happy." You can have him perform in your city too.

hypnosis show three hypnotized girls and hypnotist chris cady
two ladies hypntized by hypnotist chris cady
corporate hypnosis show three ladies hypnotized by hypnotist chris cady as body builders
hypnotist Chris Cady on stage at hypnosis show with hypno coin
hypnotist chris cady hypnotizes all ages party
hypnotist chris cady comedy hypnosis show poster from get hypnotized show

Below are some new photos from a few hypnosis shows.

You will see hypnotized volunteers dancing, laughing and taking a bow along with hypnotist Chris Cady
Above is the poster for my show "Get Hypnotized Comedy Hypnosis Show"
It ran for 2 years in Reno and was a ton of fun.

Here's a bit from hypnosis show that I did where the hypnotist ( thats me) hypnotized
these volunteers to laugh in a variety of different ways.
College Student Hypnotized!

"I had one of the most fun times ever"

Creative people LOVE being hypnotized.
This interview took place after another of my all ages hypnosis shows. This young lady
is a college student who attended with her family. She was the first of the volunteers that was went into hypnosis.
She was profoundly hypnotized & as you will hear, she was  very relaxed.
During the post show interview you will here her say that she is very creative.
Creative people are very easy to hypnotize because hypnosis takes place using the imagination.

Female Bodybuilder, Hypnotherapist Hypnotized.

This interview took place just after my hypnosis show
I was talking with one of the show volunteers about her
experience & you will see that a lady who is a hypnotherapist interrupts,
suddenly another volunteer from the hypnosis show starts discussing
how much fun being hypnotized was.  Then someone says my name & she begins responding to a post hypnotic suggestion & begins dancing like James Brown.

Hypnotized Girl Becomes Confident!

This young lady was hypnotized in my show
& she was a lot of fun & she was quite bold & outgoing during the hypnosis show. In this interview you will hear her say that she is normally shy, but while in hypnosis she felt confident & that being hypnotized was a confidence booster.

Kayla Hypnotized!

Kayla & her family came to my hypnosis show.
I remember that they were from Oregon & that she was very animated in the show.
During the show I noticed that she had a headband & I told her that her headband was "magical" & was talking to her.  It was a very funny routine.
She did not remember what happened (hypnotic amnesia) & so I gave her a post hypnotic suggestion
&  snapped my fingers & she  immediately remembered what happened while in hypnosis.

Two Hypnotized Ladies Discuss Being Hypnotized!

As this post hypnosis show interview shows you. Hypnosis is different for everyone.
Both of these ladies  were in my hypnosis show with probably a dozen other volunteers.
One of them "kind of remembered"  what took place on stage while
the other one remembered everything & she reads off a list of routines & things that she did while hypnotized.
She also states that she has a photographic memory.  Then I snapped my fingers & she remembered everything that took place in the show.  Then three other women join them & they discuss the entire hypnosis show.

Portugese Lady Hypnotized!

This young woman is an exchange student. She came to my hypnosis show with her host family
& got hypnotized. In this video she gives her post hypnosis show testimonial in her native language.
There is another video of her & her friend discussing the show in the English language.

Russian Lady Hypnotized

This Russian lady became hypnotized in my show
& discusses her hypnosis experience.

Hypnotized Bachelorette

A group of a dozen of so bachelorettes came to my hypnosis show
for a, "bachelorette party." She had "hypnotic amnesia" & did not remember what took place.
Being in a hypnosis show is so much fun I wanted her to remember everything so I again gave her a post hypnotic suggestion that she would remember what took place while she was in the show & her memory came back to her & you will here  her discussing  her experience being hypnotized in my hypnosis show.


Latinos & Latinas love hypnosis shows too!

Here is an interview with a lovely family & group of friends who attended my hypnosis show.  I did a few routines in Spanish & it really added to the comedy that night. You will see in the interview that they also speak fluent English but I asked them if they would do this interview in Spanish.  

Wife Hypnotized!

This nice couple came to my hypnosis show.
The wife came up on stage and was deeply hypnotized. I told her that her tattoo was talking to her.
You will hear them both discussing how amazing being hypnotized was for them.

Here Are Some Video Samples of My Hypnosis Show.
After you watch the hypnosis video demo above and the two news stories please read  what I wrote below and you will learn a few interesting things about what happens in my hypnosis show. You will see testimonials from volunteers of all ages who were hypnotized in my show and  I will explain a few things that took place. I'm positive that you will find it interesting. Because hypnosis is fascinating.

Here is a lady who was hypnotized in my show discussing her experience in hypnosis.
In my hypnosis show volunteers laughing hysterically. In hypnosis people really let go...
Still having fun after being hypnotized. This video took place in the lobby just after the show.
Hypnotized & Confident right after the hypnotist show
Hypnotized & Happy right after the show
Bi Lingual Hypnosis!
After The Hypnotist Show 2 Ladies Talk About their experience on stage.
From Russia With Love, and  Hypnosis...

Hypnotized Bachelorettes right after the hypnosis show

These ladies discuss how much fun they had
being hypnotized on stage by
Hypnotist Chris Cady.

Hypnotized & Happy right after the hypnotist show
San Jose Area Couple Hypnotized

This couple discusses being hypnotized in my show. It worked for her
but not for him. However they were both amazed.

Hypnotismo! en espanol
I love in when Latinos come to my hypnosis show.
We laugh in 2 languages.

Latinas and Latinos Hypnotized
Every time I watch back this video I laugh and cry with joy
this particular hypnosis show was a ton of FUN.

They discuss  the hypnosis show both in English and in Spanish.

College Students  Hypnotized Volunteers Discuss Their Experience
being hypnotized for her birthday.
Her shoes spoke to her and they spoke funny languages and more.
They came to the hypnosis show in Reno twice.

Then two women  appeared and described their experience in my hypnosis show as
very relaxing and they feel very happy.

Latinas  Hypnotized
Mucho Grande!

This interview is hysterically funny. Latin people
They give an great pitch for my show
both in English and in Spanish.

fear eliminate fear hypnosis symbol
hypnotist chris cady with hypnotized ladies dancing in his hypnosis show
Hypnosis gone wild! This photo is from comedy hypnosis show that I did for a great company
party during a convention. This is on the big stage at the Grand Sierra Resort.
Everyone in the photo is in hypnosis. The man & these hypnotized ladies think that they are "international superstars" on the TV show, "Dancing With The Stars"
hypnotic induction for college football team  by hypnotist chris cady
Here is a photo of me hypnotizing a football team
as part of a hypnosis show & a mental game training
where I hypnotize the team & show them how to use hypnosis
to make them better football players.
hypnosis show hypnotist chris cady at corporte event Hyatt Tahoe
hypnotist chris cady comedy hypnosis show billboard
Here is a picture of the billboard for a hypnosis show I performed at The Nugget In Sparks
for Valentines Day. The show was very funny and I discuss it more below.
hypnotist show stage grand sierra resort
hypnotist chris cady comedy hypnosis show just before the show
hypnosis show audience is getting hypnotized by hypnotist chris cady view from the stage at the silver legacy hotel
Here I am on the stage during a hypnosis show
that I performed  for a convention at the Silver Legacy in Reno.
Before I ask for volunteers from the audience to join me on the stage. I do a few demonstrations with the audience in the power of the mind so that everyone in the audience can see how the power of suggestion works and they can decide for themselves if they feel comfortable joining me on stage. I don't force anyone to come up like some magicians do in magic shows.  I ALWAYS have plenty of great volunteers.
hypnotist chris cady on stage at the nugget in sparks prior to his hypnosis comedy show
Here is the stage a few hours before show time for a hypnosis show
that I performed at John Ascuaga's Nugget in Sparks.  Over the years I have performed in every banquet and convention room including the "mega" Rose Ballroom. For this special Valentines Day Show the Nugget  had me
perform in The Celebrity Theater. The show was almost sold out and it was an incredible audience of very fun people and it was a very special evening of hypnosis and laughter. At the end of the show I gave each volunteer who came with their spouse a special Valentines Day  post hypnotic suggestion that this would be a very special super romantic Valentines Day night for them.  Everyone in the audeince laughed because everyone knows at a sub-conscious level what this means...  A few days later I got a few very interesting phone calls from some folks from Sacramento, San Jose and somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area who had been hypnotized in the show and they all basically said things like. "That was the best Valentines Ever! We should come to Reno more often!" Or  "How often do you perform in San Jose? We need to see your show again and again..."   I thought it was hilarious and made me think that I could start up an entire new service... It is a real life example of how powerful and helpful hypnosis is in helping people get what they want out of life.
hypnotist chris cady with hypnotized college students laughing on stage in hypnotism show
Performing a comedy hypnosis show at a college
These hypnotized college students are clearly laughing hysterically
while in hypnosis.
hypnosis hypnotist Chris Cady comedy hypnosis show
hypnosis hypnotist chris cady www.chriscady.com
hypnotist Chris Cady with  hypnotized laughing woman in his hypnosis show
hypnotist chris cady and hypnotized convention guests bow in his comedy hypnosis show in Reno

Hypnotist Chris Cady makes them LAUGH!
These hypnotized people think they are watching something very funny!
I think that the photo above was from a show in Elko. Most of the Gold in the planet in mined in Elko.
I did a funny routine that night that involved Gold.
This is an example of what my show looks like on a big stage with great theater lighting.
Here is the stage just before show time for one of my hypnosis shows
that I performed at The Grand Sierra Resort Hotel Resort in Reno. It is formerly the Reno Hilton, MGM Grand, and Ballys.

Here is the stage just before show time for one of my hypnosis shows
that I also performed at the Grand Sierra Resort Hotel resort in Reno.
As you can see they have not opened the curtain yet.

Still having fun after being hypnotized. This video took place in the lobby just after the weekly hypnosis show that I had at the Horizon in Tahoe.
Turns out that this lady is a female body builder and trainer. As you can see, she is very fit and a great dancer.
College Student volunteer from San Diego State University in my hypnosis show had a great time.
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