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Las Vegas Concert Shooting
Stress, Fear, Guilt and Anxiety Reduction Tips.


You don't have to have actually been at the concert in Vegas and you don't have to have had a loved one killed or injured in-order to be scared, fearful, anxious, sad, angry or have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as a result.

If you are feeling afraid, stressed, anxious,angry,  having nightmares, trouble sleeping, or generally uncomfortable, unable to focus or having other issues  as a result of being at or just hearing and reading about the recent shooting at the country music concert in Las Vegas


If you keep seeing and reliving the "horror show" that took place that horrific night in Vegas and you feel  like you are stuck in some kind of a endless movie...
I have some free tips that can really help you relax and "let go" so that you can break out of your trance,  get unstuck, get rid of all of the stress, fear, anger, guilt, and anxiety associated with horrific, scary, tragic events like this one. It works for any sort of trauma regardless if you were physically injured or not and regardless if you were even physically there.

They are 100% FREE
There is NO "CATCH!"

This is NOT a substitute for medical attention especially if you are feeling suicidal or homicidal.  If you feel that way, by all means  get  medical and mental health attention immediately.  

Fair enough?

Now for the rest of you:

The first thing you should know is that the BEST THING that you can do for yourself is to work with a mental health professional that you feel comfortable with.  That person might  be a Psychologist, Psychotherapist,  Hypnotherapist or other form of therapist and or counselor. Ideally this man or woman has experience dealing with  trauma and PTSD.

However one of the reasons that I have taken the time to post this information is that I know from my own experience that  many people do not have access financially or physically to  mental health  resources. Or that they  feel ashamed or embarrassed  by it. Or that they try traditional therapy and  feel that it is not producing the results that they want.
So again because of this I have posted information for  people who are looking for an alternative way to  help heal and fix themselves on their own. 

Its my hearts desire that this information helps you. If it does not. Do not give up.  Keep looking for a solution. I know that you will find it.

It does not really matter if you fit the clinical criteria for PTSD aka  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or not. I have some tips for you that can really help you relax and let go of a lot of this
"negative energy" that comes from horrible tragedies like this one.

I did not learn these tips from a Doctor who only learned them in a classroom or from a book. These tips came about because of  my personal experience  with a horrible tragedy that I experienced in 1986 that caused me PTSD. 

I discovered these techniques including hypnosis / hypnotherapy  because at the time there wasn't any doctor or therapist to help me and we did not have the medications ( good  and bad) that are available now. And we sure as heck did not have "medical marijuana" 
(only the other kind)

After my unfortunate situation explained below  the few psychologists / mental health professionals that I had access to were 100% ineffective in giving me any relief. 
So I needed a solution and I found it.  Use them with my blessing.

I teach them to my clients.

They are yours FOR FREE.

This is not any kind of a sales pitch. This info here is 100% instantly usable, free and it comes from my heart.

Before you dig in: Here's a bit of info about me: I'm a Hypnotherapist and Stage Hypnotist based out of Reno Nevada.  By day I help  people with a wide variety of issues including  stopping smoking, drinking, overcome fears and phobias, weight loss, better sleep, increased confidence, stage fright,  improving their mental game of sports and of course getting over fears, anxiety and PTSD.  People see me in my office in Reno and often call me from other areas of the country and that includes Las Vegas even though there are several very good hypnotherapists there.

I discovered some of the techniques that you are about to learn in books on hypnotherapy and healing from trauma. I also created some of the techniques that you are about to learn about because   all of the so called "mental health professionals" did not  offer me any sort of  help other than to "talk" and relive my nightmare.   Maybe "talking" about your horrible experience will help you. But it sure did not help me.   So I discovered other solutions on my own. I have shared these with military vets, cops, firefighters, paramedics and  normal everyday people and all of them have told me that they have received results.

It all started
because back in 1986 ( when I as 17 years old) I was working in a record store in a shopping mall when an airplane crashed into it. As a result I ended up with PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome)  and NOTHING HELPED ME escape the  constant anxiety, fear, anger and increased startle response  that comes from this disaster.  So I went looking for my own solutions and discovered HYPNOSIS and the other techniques that you will discover here.  These techniques immediately allowed me to sleep much better, they reduced my fear, anxiety, illogical fearful thinking and my nightmares and "daymares" and got all the nightmare images and sounds and smells out of my head  and got me to detach from being reactivated by small  sudden booms and bangs, sounds of airplanes and other " triggers" so that I could LIVE!

A bit about me
By night I perform comedy hypnosis shows both in Reno, Las Vegas  and all over the USA. I love my work and take great delight in helping people "be the best that they can be." This is not a "pitch" for hiring me to help you with hypnotherapy / hypnosis.   I just want you to know that this is what I do and who I am.

to begin:

Read these 2 phrases out load so that you can feel the emotion.

"Yes, People Died
do not be afraid
to LIVE!"

"Let whatever is going on around you
let whatever goes on INSIDE of you
be your own choice!"

Go ahead and say that a few times slowly

Now for your anxiety and fear reduction tips

A Few Notes About Fear & Guilt
Everyone reacts differently to fear. Especially if you have never experienced or been in combat or  trained for a  traumatic situation like the one that you just experienced.   People who are "first responders" such as police, military, firemen, paramedics etc are trained and conditioned on how to behave in emergency situations.  While  "regular people" are not.  As well, a small percentage of people are naturally wired to  run toward danger and help injured while most people are naturally wired to run and hide.  If you have any feelings of guilt or shame because you didn't "do enough,"  just forgive yourself.  You only did what you knew what to do automatically and were physically and emotionally prepared to do.    If you don't like that part of yourself, take a class in emergency first aid or search and rescue. Perhaps it will come in handy or at least give you peace of mind that in the future, perhaps you could do something. 

Also fear and sadness have nothing to do with  age, size, gender, race or how much you can lift in the gym.  So if you are a physically strong person who is feeling   sad, angry and fearful and your friend who was also at this event is not, this is not a sign that you are weak.  It's just how it is because everyone is  different. What's important is that you get help or at the very least help yourself  using these tips or  someone else's.

If you do nothing else that I mention here. At the very least do this along with the deep breathing mentioned below.
Write about it:   Writing about your tragedy  does something to help a human heal in a way that no amount of talking about it seems to.  

I personally believe that many therapists enjoy "talk therapy" because they can charge you for it for a long time regardless of the results. If talking about the horrible events that took place and how you are feeling helps you, that's great and by all means do it.  But WRITING is what I have found to be effective.  Also if you are the type of person who is very unwilling to share your  troubles and  pain with another person. The writing is another reason why you would want to take this approach.
Best of all its FREE!

There is something very therapeutic  about taking the emotions, thoughts, feelings pictures, guilty, sad, fearful, angry and anxious thoughts and images etc that are swimming around in your head and putting them into written words. It creates instant relief.
You don't need a study from some medical college in-order to have proof that this works.
Just do it and FEEL the results.

The most effective way that I have found to do so is to get a notebook and a pen. I suppose that you can use a computer or your phone if you want to. But pressing a pen into paper seems to work best. 
One of the reasons is that your brain can't process the overwhelming emotions involved with this tragic situation. So the best way to "process out" the information is to get it out of your head and onto paper.

Structure, form, grammar, understandability, spelling etc is not important.  You are not writing so that someone else can  read your writing. You are not even telling a story.  You might not ever read these words again. This is  just a way for you to "wring out" the negative emotions and energy from your  brain the way that you would  wring out a wet towel.  So just write everything that comes to mind.  It is especially helpful to do this  right before bedtime as a way to "get the garbage out of your head" so that your brain does not  have to deal with it all night long. This is an emotional cleansing and it may feel a bit like taking a shower just before bedtime after a long hot day in the dirt. 

Do this and notice how much better you feel.  You will sleep better immediately as well.

Do it as often as needed. Even if you are writing the same thing over and over.


The mental breakfast of champions is a way to start the day on a positive note by reading positive words, phrases, thoughts etc that are written by YOU!  You can create them yourself or find them elsewhere. Just write down some nice goals, phrases, words, affirmations, thoughts, feelings, lyrics, poems, bible verses, sayings, slogans,  whatever it is that you feel would help you be optimistic throughout your day. Write them  down  using positive statements so that you express what you DO WANT  as opposed to what you are avoiding.  Read it out loud in the morning upon awakening.  Put a big happy smile on your face and say them joyfully ( even if you have to fake it) Read them in the shower, recite them over coffee. Say them as part of a morning prayer or while eating breakfast.  You are setting the tone for your day. The idea is to "begin your day with a friendly voice."
Read them privately throughout the day as well if needed and again before bedtime.

BREATHE: Three long super s-l-o-w deep breaths will instantly relax you anytime you feel scared, tense, anxious, nervous etc.
The key to this is to inhale and exhale deep long and super slow 

EXERCISE:  A very fast run or bike ride even running in place does a lot to burn off anxiety.   If you can't do that, at least go for a walk. If you don't believe me, I have tested it.  The FASTER I ran the better I felt.  But do what is appropriate for your health.

HUG SOMEONE OR PET AN ANIMAL: Just do it. You will immediately feel comfort.

GO FOR A BIKE RIDE, JET SKI RIDE, MOTORCYCLE RIDE: All of these activities will make you feel free and alive.

SURFING, MEDITATION, YOGA, TI-CHI  AND HYPNOSIS: they all calm your brain, spirit and body.

NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS: Take a break from the news.  Watching and listening to  the news causes anxiety.   How will knowing the latest about this horrible  man who shot everyone help you feel any better?  If you do ever find out what motivated him to do such a horrific act its not going to make you feel any better or any safer anyway.

MUSIC THERAPY: Listen to  very soft gentle relaxing and uplifting music.  Meditation, hypnosis, type music or baroque, pan flutes, soft guitar, piano, ocean waves  all help calm your brain.    If country music starts to reassociate you with  the shooting at the Las Vegas concert, and it upsets you, then listen to something else for awhile.

STAY HYDRATED: Drink lots of water. Keep your body  and your brain hydrated. Avoid alcohol as it will only add to your confusion and can cause depression.

ART THERAPY: Find some beautiful relaxing photos or paintings to look at while breathing deep. Allow these beautiful images to  burn into your brain so that they can eventually replace any  scary, horrific images from the  Las Vegas tragedy. Do this in the morning and again at bedtime. If you have been having trouble with constantly reliving the events of that night and seeing  tragic, images, this will help replace those images.

LAUGH THERAPY: Watch comedy. Stand up comedy, comedy movies, go to comedy clubs and comedy concerts.  There are many of them for FREE on youtube.  I even have a bunch of hypnosis show videos on this site.  They WILL make you laugh.

CHURCH: Church has helped millions of people for a very long time.  If you have never been to one, now might be a great time to start.  Going is easy. You don't need a membership and  you don't need permission or money. Just walk in.

Hypnosis: Hypnosis is an altered state of mind. 
If you know anything about meditation, or even yoga, the process is similar, except unlike meditation you have an agenda which in this case is to detach from the unwanted emotions of the tragedy that took place and allow these negative feelings to fade away just like the headlines from yesterdays paper....

As I said before, its best to work with a professional hypnotherapist who you feel comfortable with.  But if you cant or don't want to here are some tips to help you do this on your own.

You can reprogram your mind with  thoughts and feelings that  serve you.  By working with a hypnotherapist you can achieve results very quickly. But you can also do this yourself with great success. After all, it worked for me when I figured this out on my own back in 1986.

Step 1) Write down everything that you are feeling that is disempowering, uncomfortable and that is basically bothering you regarding this tragic shooting.  Basically everything that scares you, frustrates you  makes you  feel nervous, anxious, angry etc.

Step 2) On another sheet of paper write down a long list of what  thoughts feelings behaviors  etc you feel you need  to have running through your  entire mind, body and soul in-order for you to feel the way that you want to and to overcome this challenge and to  get to where you want to be in life.

- Write down what thoughts and feelings that you need to  " let go of"

Step 3)   Write everything out in positive sentences or phrases. Choose words that create vivid, positive  feelings, images, pictures, sounds, smells.  If you want to draw positive images next to the words that's fine too. Focus on what you want and not what you dont want.

Step 4) Write out the result of this and everything that you will gain.

Step 5) Read it all back so that you feel comfortable, happy and emotionally optomistic.

Step 6)  Get into bed or sit on a couch DO NOT DO THIS WHILE OPERATING A CAR OR ANY MOTOR VEHICLE OR MACHINERY Sit quietly and play some slow deeply relaxing music.  Close your eyes and deeply slowly inhale and exhale 3 times.  Just relax and listen for our heart beat.  Take your time. Slowly open your eyes and read everything in step 2,3 and 4. outloud so that you feel positive.  If you feel uncomfortable you can stop at any time Let all related positive thoughts and feelings sink in.

Just relax and enjoy the tranquility.  Take a nap, go to sleep or wake up when you are ready. Tell yourself that you are now out of hypnosis.   Make sure that you are lucid, feeling fully  awake and after you are sure that you are awake and your legs are strong beneath you  get moving.
You can even make your own cd or mp3 recording if you want to. This is what I did for myself  back in the 1980s using a cassette tape  and my results were very effective.
The techniques that I gave you are very simple, they are " scratch the surface techniques"    ideally  you would d do this with a hypnotherapist but if you dont want to or can't then  they are better than doing nothing.

What's really neat is that with hypnosis you can train your mind to detach from FEAR and negativity associated with this  horrible event  and basically "just chill" so that you are not freaked out all the time. You can also  "flip a switch" so that you   begin  taking positive action.

"People Died,
do not be afraid
to LIVE!"

"Let whatever is going on around you
let whatever goes on INSIDE of you
be your own choice!"

Everything I wrote here is from my heart.  The information here should help you and if it does not, do yourself a favor and get  help. Seeing a therapist does not  mean that you have issues, or that you are nuts and it does not mean that you are a wuss. It only means that you are human.   So don't be afraid to  get help and don't be afraid to LIVE!   Go out and resume your normal activity and if "normal activity" for you   is staying inside. Well, why not use this as an opportunity to  get outside.

Best Wishes
Chris Cady
Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist
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