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If you are looking for a hypnotist In San Jose California,  Santa Clara  or any of the cities in San Mateo or Santa Clara County  to provide entertainment for your next corporate, company or private event or party.

I just may be the hypnotist you are looking for

I frequently perform my comedy hypnosis shows in the finer hotels, country clubs and convention centers
  in The San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Cupertino, Los Gatos, San Mateo,  Santa Clara County, Menlo Park, Atherton area for  a variety of Silicon Valley area companies.
I have also performed for several schools in the area. A few years ago I performed at the Santa Clara County Fair so if you were there, then you saw me.

If you are holding a company, school  or private event and looking for a hypnotist to provide entertainment for you
Take a look at my demo hypnosis show video on my home page and then

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Hypnotist in San Jose, Santa Clara, San Mateo California
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Chris Cady
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I hypnotize the good people of San Jose in person and by telephone

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San Jose Companies, Golf Courses, Groups in San Jose, Santa Clara, Menlo Park
or any business in  Santa Clara County  Or San Mateo area
When you
are looking for
FUN, Memorable
and Interactive entertainment
for your company
party and you want a San Jose area hypnotist

That comes in the form of a hypnotist who will & can perform a top quality hypnosis show for your diverse audience
You probably don't care where
the hypnotist has performed in the past

All you really want is
a fun & usually  "corporate clean"

But someone told me
you might want to know
where I have provided corporate
entertainment or a hypnosis show in the past
Here is a list
of just a few
of the numerous
hotels, banquet facilities
and clubs in the San Jose, Santa Clara, San Mateo Area
where I have
provided "clean"corporate entertainment
my comedy hypnosis shows
over the years:

Great America

San Jose Marriott
Hilton Santa Clara
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara
La Rinconada Country Club
Fairmont Hotel San Jose
Hilton San Jose
Embassy Suites San Jose
Saratoga Springs
Cyperss Hotel
Convention Plaza
Sheraton San Jose
Windham San Jose
San Jose Country Club
Cinnabar Hills Country Club
Marriott Santa Clara

And the "castles" of many of
your successful residents living in Los Gatos,
And Saratoga.

As you can see
I have entertained in San Jose, Santa Clara
and all over Silicon Valley.

What's far more important is
Be sure to watch my
hypnosis show video so that you will
have a good idea of how much fun my hypnosis show
will be for your companies party.
In the interest of full disclosure. I don't live in San Jose.
I live in Reno but I'm only a few hours away and  companies hire me to perform for company parties and employee events all the time.
I also hypnotize athletes to work on their mental game and have  hypnosis clients through San Jose, Santa Clara, Burlingame. Between the Sharks, Barcuda, 49 ers, Giants and other sports teams and very competitive athletes  that live in this area, there is quite a call for my hypnosis services. So if you want a hypnotist in the San Joe area. Just call or email. Im happy to help.

People of San Jose. You've heard of "The Pirates of Silicon Valley?" Well  this is the Turkeys of Silicon Valley"
The above video has nothing to do with my hypnosis shows but I thought that you might enjoy it.
I performed 10 hypnosis shows at the Santa Clara County Fair in San Jose California. About 100 feet from my stage was a 4-H club  exhibit with several  farm animals. Between shows I noticed a turkey being walked by a young boy. I have never seen a turkey being walked before  and would never expect to see such a thing in a place like San Jose so I ran off the stage to see what it was all about.  My wife likes it so much she thinks I should give up this "hypnosis thing" and  go into making documentaries like Michael Moore...  Enjoy.
san jose HYPNOTIST entertainment chris cady silicon valley,
This very nice lady came to my comedy hypnosis show with some friends who were from The San Jose, Santa Clara area. She was very excited when she ran up on stage. She entered hypnosis very quickly & was profoundly hypnotized. She was an amazing volunteer & a great part of the show that night. After the hypnosis show we got a chance to speak in the lobby of the hotel & her first words were, "I don't think I was hypnotized"  Her friends were shocked & told me that there was no way that she was NOT hypnotized because she is normally reserved.  I have heard this many times before when someone is in my hypnosis show because they just don't know what hypnosis is until I explain it to them. I think she said that she was an engineer or worked in technology which explains one of the reasons why she did not know that she was in hypnosis. In the event you are wondering, its because "engineer types" are wired to figure everything out and they  are looking for some kind of "logical answer."  I always tell them, just relax and enjoy yourself and figure this out tomorrow.
He came to my comedy hypnosis show with some friends who were from South Bay area.  He said he was from Milpitas or San Jose. I can't remember. But what I do remember was that he was very relaxed & had a great time being hypnotized. This is a short clip. We spoke more because he was an engineer and  had very interesting and intelligent questions for me about hypnosis. I recall vividly that he was from India. I have many people from India attend my hypnosis shows and I find that they make great volunteers. My guess is that its because they meditate and because of this they are already receptive to the  euphoric that comes with hypnosis.  As well, I find that  people from India seem to have the same sense of humor as I do and they are very playful. I am always happy when people from "Indian culture" attend my hypnosis / hypnotist shows.

Looking for a Hypnotist In San Jose, Santa Clara area?
I sure hope so.

Watch this demo video of my  hypnosis show. The video shows hypnosis shows that I have performed all over California, Nevada and of course the entire San Mateo San Jose Area. However many of the clips are from my show in Lake Tahoe a heck of a lot of people  just happened to be from the  San Jose area.  Probably because there are a lot of smart people living there and they enjoy entertainment that is funny and interesting at the same time.

Thanks to Craigslist.
This couple from San Jose attended  my comedy hypnosis show. Their cousin had attended my show before and treated them. They both volunteered to be in the show. He did not become hypnotized and she did. You will hear them discuss this on the video. You can't really see this  in this video but she had a large  butterfly tattoo on her chest and while she was hypnotized I told her that her butterfly tattoo disappeared and flew around the theater.
It's wonderful that they  heard about me on Craigslist. Which shows you the power of cool social media classified ad websites like Craigslist to bring people in San Jose to see a hypnotist show all the way up in Reno.
Especially since they said that they were searching for hypnotist in San Jose. The internet sure is helpful.

Whenever I perform a hypnosis show at a public event such as a fair in San Jose, Santa Clara / San Mateo county there is such a diverse  group of people living throughout Santa Clara county  that the artistic folks from Santa Cruz attend as well as computer technology people. This ladys name is "Ronnie" and when she walked up on stage to get hypnotized I noticed that she had  a very artistic tattoo of  beautiful topical fish on her arm. She was also wearing a Bob Marley cap and I could tell that she was a "creative"  and an artist and or musician.  She was very quickly hypnotized and later told me she had a very blissful experience.  You  will hear her say that she was at the Santa Clara County Fair.  Then I snap my fingers  so that she cant say her name until she  rolls her  "r's" the way that Spanish speaking people do.


This young lady came to my show from with several friends from San Jose and Santa Clara. She had "hypno amnesia" and did not remember how awesome that she was in my hypnosis show. So I snapped my fingers and suddenly she remembered everything. Notice her great laugh.


Both of these guys came to my hypnosis show up from San Jose to my show in Tahoe. I told them both that they were "James Bond" and that they were multi lingual. I had them speak Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French,  and more.


Several families from San Jose and New Mexico showed up at my hypnosis show that night.  I had them breathing in  laughing gas and LAUGHING. Laughing in slow motion, as a country singer, opera singer and more.  After this show one of the hypnotized volunteers told me that  living and working  in Santa Clara, San Jose isstressful stress and  that  Tahoe is their magical   getaway and that getting hypnotized is the best therapy ever.


These folks were from somewhere in Santa Clara or San Jose. There is more video on my site spaking with two of them after the show.

4 San Jose Ladies and a guy Hypnotized in My Show

You will here them discussing how cool it was being hypnotized in my  show.
One told me later that she was too scared to get hypnotized.

A Boy And his Turkey In San Jose

A few years ago when I performed my hypnosis show at the Santa Clara County Fair which is either in San Jose or San Mateo I was in between shows when this boy was out walking his "pet" turkey. The only thing stranger than a hypnotist in San Jose is watching a  kid taking his turkey for a walk.