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( If you are a man who is looking to stop smoking, this CD is not for you because men stop smoking for diferent reasons then women. So if you are a man click here to get my stop smoking for men CD)

Now, This time..

For less than the cost of a carton of cigarettes, "the patch",  Chantex or  2 packs of Nicorette Gum. Now you can stop smoking quickly, easily and permanently.

Ladies, my stop smoking with hypnosis program was designed specifically for women and it will work for EVEN YOU!

One of the problems that women have when it comes to quitting smoking cigarettes using hypnosis is that many hypnotherapists  / hypnotists  treat women using the same hypnosis techniques that they do for men who want to stop smoking.  I guess that these  hypnotists simply forget that women think and feel differently then men do. They seem to forget or simply not know that  women start smoking for very different reasons then men do and women respond to different advertising and imagery then men do especially when it comes to smoking.  If you  spend even one second thinking about all of the  ads that you  have seen for cigarettes.  Or  imagery used in film and television where  famous actors and actresses are smoking. The imagery in these shows and cigarette ads for women and men are VERY different. 

Unfortunately most stop smoking programs and products totally neglect this issue.  But me? I address it. This is just one of the many reasons why I have such a high success rate in helping women stop smoking.

So if you are a women who wants to stop smoking forever without cravings, irritability or gaining weight.
All you need to do is this.  Simply listen to this amazing self hypnosis CD or mp3 at bedtime or naptime ( if you take naps)  and you will break your addiction to cigarettes in 1-3 days without any suffering, Your mind will terminate all desire for cigarettes and you will enjoy how EASY it is for you to quit smoking forever.

The Stop Smoking CD is Guaranteed To Work or I will Refund 100% of Your Money.

If you would prefer to  actually book an appointment to see a hypnotist in person to help you stop smoking in one session  then call me and schedule and appointment with me here in Reno / Sparks, Nevada.

Stop Smoking For Women
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Women stopping smoking forever is much easier then you ever imagined when you use hypnosis that addresses issues specifically for WOMEN because your mind controls your body and when we reprogram your mind to change the way that you FEEL about cigarette smoking so that you hate cigarettes instead of love cigarettes. So that the thoughts, feelings and associations that  cigarette companies have hypnotized you with over the years all go away.  When this takes place, stopping smoking becomes EASY!