Valentines Day Weekend Entertainment In Reno Sparks Nevada Hypnotize Your Valentine Comedy Hypnosis Show
Valentine's Day Week Entertainment In Reno / Sparks Nevada


Hypnotist Chris Cady’s Comedy Hypnosis Show.” Location:  Reno or Sparks.

Get Hypnotized In Hypnotist Chris Cady’s Comedy Hypnosis Show  His show is called, “Hypnotist Chris Cady’s Comedy Hypnosis Show.”The hilarious comedy hypnosis show is an adults only, outrageous, “naughty” comedy hypnosis show where audience members can volunteer to get hypnotized by Master Hypnotist Chris Cady and become the stars of the show. The volunteers then engage in some of the most outrageous antics ever seen on stage by everyday people.
According to Chris Cady who is also a Peak Performance Hypnotherapist and author of several hypnosis books and CDs, “The show is always a big hit. While many of my shows are clean and family friendly, this is Valentines week. It’s a week of LOVE so we get naughty and we get wild… without being filthy.”“In this show I use, “fast trance hypnosis” to hypnotize people very quickly. They enter a profoundly relaxing state of mind and body and I get ordinary people to, ‘unleash the performer within’ and they get wild, have a great time and become the big stars of the show.”“I am constantly asked, “What kind of person makes the best volunteer?”“My reply is always the same: “WOMEN! Especially creative, artistic women. They LOVE the feeling of being hypnotized and they become very funny, and make for great volunteers.” Over the years I have hypnotized plenty of men too including entire football teams and U.S. Marines…but women are by far the most fun.  We get plenty of both sexes, but everyone will say that the women were the funniest.”“You don’t have to volunteer to get hypnotized, but you will have more fun if you do. We are expecting a big turnout for this special show so if you want to volunteer to get hypnotized, just be in the front and jump up and down when I ask for volunteers.”Hypnotist Chris Cady resides in Reno Nevada and he had a 2 year run at the Pioneer Center For The Performing Arts followed by a 1 year run at a casino in South Lake Tahoe. He also performs for casinos, colleges, resorts and conventions all over the world. Here are some quotes from past reviews of his show:“One of The Best Hypnotist Shows Northern Nevada Has Ever Seen…” -Mel Shields, Sacramento Bee“…A Great Little Show That I Highly Recommend.” -Jack Neal, KUNR Radio and

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