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For Math Anxiety And Math Phobia

by Master Hypnotist
Chris Cady
ALL Star Peak Performance
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and whine about paying 77 bucks for a
CD or mp3 download that will help you overcome Math Anxiety and Math Phobia.
It is a lot cheaper then countless hours spent
being miserable and failing in school and a lifetime
of dead end jobs.

If YOU or your child, teenager, college student  is STRUGGLING WITH MATH.
If math = anxiety, anger, crying, screaming, fear, worry, stress, panic and a LOT of frustration and disappointment....if your problem with math is holding you back in school or in your career. If you have some test that you have to take and you know that you won't pass the math portion...

This will be the most important  web page that you ever read.

Here is why:
It does not matter what your age is or if  the subject is addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, pre-algebra, algebra, calculus and any other mind boggling math subjects that have to do with numbers or calculating or mathematics because...

If YOU or Your Child


You or They may be suffering from M.A.D. (math anxiety disorder)

While I'm certain you have never heard of this disorder (because I made up the term) and while its probably not considered to be a real disorder and probably won't be until some  drug company figures out how to make a useless medication for it. This term, Math Anxiety Disorder  is applicable because...

If you or your son or daughter HATES MATH and becomes nervous, anxious, upset, resistant or  combative anytime they (or you)  have to even think about numbers...

It may be due to repeated FAILURE, FRUSTRATION, PUBLIC RETICULE, PUNISHMENT and bad teachers
all of which have resulted in

  All of this results in what I call math anxiety or math phobia...
which means that  you or they have attached so much fear, anxiety, frustration and ultimately PAIN
to  numbers and learning math that the student becomes mentally paralyzed, stymied, stuck, and mentally blocked
and which ultimately  prevents any learning.

That's Why YOU Need  Math Rehab.

I Have Good News

When a person who HATES MATH  retrains their brain to RELAX and let go of all the negative energy, fear and frustration that you have with math.

Your mind stops fighting with itself and you actually begin to LEARN math.

By the way when I use the term math. I mean all math including addition, subtraction, division, fractions, pre-algebra, algebra, calculus and any other mind boggling subjects that have to do with mathematics.
( Including making change)

But if you think that $77.00 is way to much to pay for a CD or mp3 download  that will rehabilitate your math problem and eliminate your students math anxiety or math phobia and help boost their self confidence, self esteem and make them a better student,  this is not for you.

Imagine this scenario. You and your child are sitting at a table working on math or taking this simple math test. Here is basic nature of your conversation.
You: "What is 1+ 1?"

Your child:(rolling eyes) "1+ 1= I HATE MATH!"

You: "Whats 3 x 3?"

Your child: "3x3 = "Ug sigh, Math sucks, why do I have to know this crap!"

If this sounds familiar...
If you or your son or daughter has decided that
math = great pain...
If math = anxiety, anger, crying, screaming, fear, worry, stress, panic and a LOT of frustration and disappointment.

YOU NEED what I have to offer right now

There is no amount of  screaming, punishment, bribery, battery or logic, discussion, flash cards, detention, or forced memorization of times tables  that will possibly change this for you or for your student or child regardless of the students age
because your son or daughter has probably developed


Yes really. But chances are that you and your kids math teacher believe that  he or she is just being lazy or defiant. Part of the reason why their teacher would feel this way is that  most math teachers love math and working with numbers  soooooooo much that they can't possibly understand why anyone would feel that math is equal

Also I believe that many teachers who teach math  do so because they have what I would describe as a "romantic relationship" with numbers and a math book is like a romance novel for them and their mindset is so mechanical that
they are emotionally detached,  have poor social skills and  cannot understand how a student (especially a creative one) would attach such fear, anxiety, emotion, frustration and anger to  numbers. 

This is why school teachers don't / can't usually get through to a struggling math student. So they just think that all they need to do is teach math by repetition and when the student is still resistant and still "doesn't get it,"  the teacher quickly becomes frustrated and angry and writes 
"F" in giant red ink
on your kids paper over and over thinking that somehow this will motivate them to,  "try harder."

They might as well just stamp the word
In  big red ink on their soul because this is how the student feels

So  you see...

These teachers approach to math is mechanical, while your students approach is EMOTIONAL

This is why most math teachers don't also teach language or drama or creative writing or music or art.

While most math teachers may logically understand words, music and art. They don't really FEEL THEM
the way that  creative people do and so they cannot emotionally understand
how  YOU OR your student could FEEL so angry, frustrated, anxious and become phobic
about this mechanical thing called,  math.

But you see


You see,  whenever a person has any sort of phobia or anxiety or "mental block"

there is absolutely no amount of logic, or reasoning or threatening or shouting or humiliation punishment  or forced repetition that will help the person "get it" and persuade this person (child or adult) to comply and

learning will absolutely positively
while they are in this state of mind.

Outside of a few good special ed teachers or tutors, most teachers in our deficient  American school system do not understand this or how to deal with this and they will keep trying to jam a square peg into a round hole and the problem  and hatred and frustration and anxiety with math only gets worse, (which is why you or your kids teacher has not given you a solution that worked and naturally this is why you are  reading this right now.)

what happens is that your student

has so much pain, humiliation, anxiety, fear and fear of failure attached to math that they become mentally PARALYZED AND it prevents them from

How do I know all of this?

You see I'm a HYPNOTIST and I help people use hypnosis to rehabilitate their problem the same way that a physical therapist would  help a person with a physical injury rehabilitate an injury. Except that I eliminate fears and phobias and sky rocket their self confidence.

I do it very quickly using hypnosis.

Unless you are a total skeptic and dismiss me as a whacko, here is what will happen when  he or she uses this CD or mp3 to rehabilitate themselves and overcome their Math Anxiety or Math Phobia.

All they will do is play it on a CD player or on their mp3 player at bedtime  every night for 30 nights and everyday about 30 minutes before they do their math homework.  They will hear my calm voice and soothing piano music  guiding them off into a nice gentle nap.

Then while under hypnosis they will hear suggestions for feeling relaxed and calm and confident whenever working with numbers.

They will also  recode their  feelings about numbers and about math and recode and re-associate them with pleasure instead of pain.

As a result, their comfort with numbers and understanding of math will improve.

I do not guarantee that they will ever love math or that they will even like math. That should not be the goal.  My guess is that you or your student naturally gravitates toward creative pursuits and subjects like language and art and music.

However once  they remove all of the negative associations to math and numbers and they actually feel calm, confident, optimistic and balanced instead of  weak, negative,  resistant, angry, anxious and stuck.

They will be able to sit calmly and  at least be open to learning and doing math in a calm and rational and confident manner instead of being totally resistant and hostile to the process.


Because of the way that I do it. Its actually quite EASY. You don't have to do a thing. Just let them listen to  the CD / mp3 as I stated above and  your student will use hypnosis to basically "flip off the fear and negativity  switch" and "flip on the switch for relaxation and self confidence" so that they  can behave in a rational and confident way whenever they work with numbers or are  learning math.

What I do is Quick, Easy and Effective.

The process happens very quickly and as a result, the fear and anxiety and negativity  melts away like ice on a hot summer day.

Sound good?

Here are a few of my many successes in areas OTHER THAN MATH

I have used hypnosis with teens and adults who went from being shy and fearful to suddenly  being INVOLVED with people and even dating.

I have used hypnosis to help male and female athletes overcome all sorts of  fears and negative thinking  that they developed in their sport as a result of an injury or setback or a  SLUMP. I have worked with  bowlers, golfers, football and baseball players, soccer, shooters, skiers, motorcycle and car racers, basket ball, volleyball players. You name the sport. My athletes have gone on to achieve greatness.

Quick example:  I once had a pole vaulter have his pole break  and he became so fearful he could not compete. After one 90 minute session he was back in full force.  A similar situation happened with a young gymnastics athlete and a flying trapeze artist  who suddenly developed a fear of letting go of the bar.

I have had musicians, comedians and other stage performers overcome stage fright.  (By the way I am a performer myself and I have ZERO fear of public speaking or being on stage. For me it is actually the most comfortable fearless place in the world.)

I have used hypnosis to help writers overcome writers block.

I have used hypnosis to help numerous people overcome all sorts of phobias with insects, spiders, heights, the telephone, social situations, you name it.

I have used hypnosis to help  people of all ages who had  MATH ANXIETY and math phobia and  hatred of  math,  actually able to feel calm and confident and open to learning and using math skills.

And NOW I Can Help Even YOU OR YOUR Student



And I'm here to help you with that ....

So if you are interested in helping yourself or your student getting rid of this MATH ANXIETY OR MATH PHOBIA
and improving with addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, pre-algebra, algebra, calculus and any other mind boggling subjects that have to do with numbers or calculating or mathematics...

Count to 3  and pull your thumb out of your behind and call me and place your ORDER TODAY or  click on the  payment link  because I can help quickly and easily.
  "Lets get'er done"
Chris Cady, Master Hypnotist,
Reno, Nevada

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This wonderful CD
math anxiety / math phobia program works for adults
and children
of all ages.

It does not matter if
you are an adult, or if you are in college, high school, middle school, junior high or elementary school.
If you or your student is having problems with math, hates math
is resistant to learning math or is anxious or afraid or forgetful when it comes to math or numbers.
If math feels like a total nightmare...
This CD or mp3 will make all the difference in the world to you in
learning math and being comfortable with numbers or struggling, hating it and being taking advantage of by
people who do understand numbers, math and money.

It comes with a RISK FREE 100% money back guarantee.

Now if your math  really sucks you probably don't know what 100% really means
so I'll help you out here. 100% means that you get ALL your money back
Get it?
Minus a few bucks for shipping and handling.

because you can NOT return a download.