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I am a Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist. However Photography has always been a big part of my life. People tell me that they are "mesmerized" by my photographs. So I decided to post a few of them here for all to enjoy.

Note  I have temporarily removed most the photos to have them resized for better optimization of my hypnosis website. Please  revisit my agan as they are truly hypnotizing.  Meanwhile I will leave this first one from the Reno Balloon races. I took it in the pre-dawn darkness during the "glow show."

Mesmerizing and artistic photographs from around the world that I have taken for people who love photography, interesting photographs, art, travel, wildlife, nature, music and more.

A good photograph puts you into hypnosis. It grabs you visually and evokes emotion. This is why whenever I hypnotize a client  privately or a volunteer in one of my hypnosis shows I start by telling them to put an image, or a photograph into their mind and then experience the feeling that goes along with that picture. In most cases its something that  is relaxing to them. In the case of a performer I have them picture something that is creative and empowering and that is associated with their performance. I have athletes experience mastery in their sport, stress reduction & stop smoking clients experience a relaxing picture or place, ( most people tell me that they picture something that is associated with nature such as a beach or a beautiful meadow or mountain setting, and weight loss clients picture themselves looking and feeling confident at their ideal weight.   Whatever it is for you a good picture is hypnotic and creates a state of hypnosis.
Photography has always been a love of mine. Many people have called my photographs hypnotic.  They stare at them and become entranced.   For now  I consider myself an amateur photographer ( unless you buy one of my hypnotic  photographs because  the moment I get PAID  I become a professional)  If you would like an 8x10 photograph of any of these hypnotic  pictures that you see on this site. Just email me I will sell you  as many as you like at a reasonable price.

I'm a hypnotist.
A good photograph puts you into a daydream or a night dream. It causes hypnosis and makes you FEEL!

It takes you on a magical mystery tour or a place that is somewhere in time.

I hope you have enjoyed this show. Come back again.
If you want to buy any of the hypnotic photos shown here
just contact me.

Take a deep breathe in and  let it go. Stare into my eyes and your will become hypnotized.  Together we will go on a journey to a far away land.
Welcome to The Magical Mystery Tour
Beyond these gates is an enchanting world.
Our journey begins in Reno Nevada. The strongest opinions in America are found in the parking lot of a gun store. Looking at this photo makes me feel very patriotic.
This Hypnotic Hot Air Balloon Is Now Departing Reno.
Climb Aboard. Lets Go For A Magical Ride To A Land
Far, Far Away.
I just got a call from the NRA telling me that I am an artistic genius for taking this photo.
So I think I'm gonna ask the President to make it mandatory for every card toting member to have this attached to the back of their NRA and CCP cards.

If you are a true red blooded American your citizenship is not complete
until you have an 8 x 10 of this very American photo attached to your gun safe. Along with another
copy on a bumper sticker slapped on your gun case or your ATV.

These hypnotic gates are the entrance to the Hermitage Museum.
Everything inside it is hypnotic.
Enchanting chandelier
This hypnotic chandelier was simply captivating.

Hypnotic Sunset / Hypnotized in Mexico TWO
This is a great photograph to have  blown up and put in your office or above your bath tub
This photo was taken in a few minutes earlier from the pool located just above the beach in Mexico
The sunset and the reflection and the ripples on the surface of the water had a hypnotic effect on me. I just took a few deep breaths in and went right into hypnosis. 

hypnotic photo hot air balloon from the hypnosis series