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Dear  Baseball Coach,

You are here because we  emailed or sent you a letter:

At the end of the 2018 baseball season you will be looking back on this day as one of the most important  baseball decisions that you have ever made.

Please  watch the 2  awesome baseball videos above before reading this letter.

As soon as you see them you will  have a better idea of  the  competitive advantage that  you can get from our mental game of baseball training program.

The first video is only 1 minute and the second video is only 2 minutes. They are BOTH worth your time.

Do yourself a favor and watch them right now before  reading any further.


Now that you are back:

If you want your baseball team to be able to compete at the highest level,  this will be the most important letter that you will ever read.

Here is why:
We have developed a unique training program that is fun for your baseball  players and it  also gives any baseball player and team  who uses it a significant competitive advantage over any player and team who does not

You can have this unique program right at your school!

It's part of the reason why "Scott Spiezio is a 2 time World Series Champion. The same with his dad.

What you are about to learn helped every baseball player that we listed on the right side of this page (and several more who we could not list) achieve "new personal bests" and  play baseball at their highest level.
Sound good?

Let’s face it:

Most athletes do a great job of being physically prepared & a very poor job of being mentally prepared for competition. Yet no matter how much physical practice a baseball player does,
success in baseball is 95% mental.

Scott says,

"If success in baseball is 95% MENTAL then why don't athletes spend more time working on the MENTAL SIDE?  It is so important because, when 2 athletes with similar skill compete against one another it is the athlete with the STRONGER MENTAL GAME WHO WILL WIN!"

But still most baseball players and coaches spend 100% of their time effort and money working only on  physical practice.

This is why guys get themselves into college or into the major leagues and fail to perform under pressure, fall into a slump  (especially after an injury) and then get sent down to the minor leagues or released. Or why minor league baseball players stay there forever never expressing their true potential.

They have a good physical game
  but they have NO mental game.

That’s why Scott & I are contacting you today.
My name is Chris Cady and I am a Sports Hypnotherapist who trains athletes to use the power of their mind to “make the zone happen” on command  (instead of just hoping that "the zone" shows up)

When an athlete learns to do this they can:

Right now -  even if your team has a "Sports Psychologist"  I almost guarantee you that they cannot get you even half the results that we can because we have skills that they only DREAM about.

You see,

My coach / mentor/ boss was the world's foremost Sports Hypnotherapist, The "late" Peter Siegel.
Peter was basically the "Einstein" of  Sports Hypnotherapy  and he had very advanced, "cutting edge" skills that other Sports Hypnotherapists and Sports Psychologist do not.  I placed a video of Pete  working with Mets Pitcher Sid Fernendez at the top of this page.  -You did watch it didn't you?

Together and separately we helped many athletes go from ordinary to extraordinary. (See client list to the right of this page)

As well,
Scott & his father Ed (also a retired MLB player)

used hypnosis, visualization and other mental game training techniques extensively during their careers especially in “clutch” situations so that they could perform at their full potential and help the team WIN!

Scott was also hypnotized numerous times by my coach and boss Peter Siegel and the results were extraordinary.

As well,  Scott also worked with "mental game experts"  Karl Kuel and Dorfman when he played for the
Oakland A's.

Scott wants you to know that he directly attributes much of his success in baseball  to his, "mental game" training with his father and with Peter Siegel:
Based on his mental game training he was able to...

Now, If you watched the video at the top of this page.  It's there for a reason...

Scott says, that home run is the result of,  "mental game training"  because under the enormous pressure of that  World Series game, many players would have, "choked."

Scott and his father mentally practiced being in that exact situation. So when Scott stepped up to bat he  had already been practicing hitting a home run under that exact same situation since he was a 7 year old  boy.

Scott also worked with my boss / coach Peter Siegel using hypnosis for staying confident and focused under the tremendous pressure of the World Series.  

Scott would be happy to tell you about it personally so that you know first hand why you should have us do a team bonding activity /  "mental game training"  at your school.

Now, Scott & I want to teach other players how to do the same.

That’s why we created a highly effective training that any baseball player and team can use to take their  performance to a new level very quickly and achieve new personal bests almost immediately.

Our program is called:

“Hypnotized For Baseball"
Incredible Confidence, Aggressiveness, Power & Laser Focus
Flip off
Distractions, Self - Doubt, Fear, Past Failure Experiences and “Nice Guy Behavior”
That Holds You Back, So That You Can

Because success in baseball is 95% mental…

What we are offering you is a one day  program that lasts approximately 2-3 hours.
We come right to your school.
It starts with a hilarious comedy hypnosis show that is a team bonding event where your team laughs together  for approximately one hour  (I have placed a few videos below  for you to review so that you can see how much fun it is.) The show also serves as a fun way for your team to  learn about the power of their subconscious mind.
Check out these videos  in order to get a bit of an idea of what the show is like

Then after a brief break...

  I will explain to them how to use hypnosis to make them a better baseball player by strengthening their mental game so that they can FLIP OFF FEAR and self doubt and negative thinking and SWITCH ON SELF CONFIDENCE, RELAXATION AND FOCUS so that they can actually MAKE THE ZONE HAPPEN on COMMAND!

Your players will learn how to use their mind instead of drugs to get  the most out of their potential & always play
“In the zone” as The BIG YOU” & never the “half assed,” unfocused, wimpy you. No matter how much pressure they are under.
Here is what will happen
Starting the very same day that we start  this unusual training

and...they will

In addition to a group team bonding activity and training:

Each player also gets a QUICK START manual along with an audio mp3 that they can listen to at night on their Ipods / phones so that they can “jump right in” & start spring training with greater confidence, focus and a stronger “mental game,” the very same day.”

Remember, the mind controls the body.
These are photos of me hypnotizing a college football team

To find out more about how our training works, plus our rate, we can be reached
at the email or telephone below.

With your season getting ready to start it is important that you TAKE ACTION and contact us  because the best  thing any player can do for themselves is to start "mental game" training before the season.

We can only work with a limited number of teams each season. To put it in "baseball terms" there are only so many spots available on OUR TEAM and once they fill up that's it, til next season.

One final thought:  

At the end of the 2018 baseball season you will be looking back on this day as one of the most important  baseball decisions that you have ever made.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest Regards
Chris Cady & Scott Spiezio

PS: I hope that you get this unique training before your competition does because any athlete that uses it will have a competitive advantage over any athlete who does not.

PPS: If you made it all the way to the end we have a reward for you watch the incredible hypnosis videos below

All Star Peak Performance Center / All Star Entertainment
8175 S. Virginia St # 850-233 Reno, NV 89511

College Baseball Players Hypnotized
By Master Hypnotist Chris Cady

To contact me call




hypnosis cd for sports building the mind of a champion

Scott Spiezio & Chris Cady are releasing a new book  & CD / mp3 program on the "mental game" of baseball.
The program is based on Scott's experience training his "mental game" and on Chris and Peter Siegel's work with training  baseball players on their "mental game."  Here is  a list of baseball players who used this baseball hypnosis program in person & who were Sports Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel's Baseball Clients ( Peter was Chris Cady's Sports Hypnotherapy coach / trainer / mentor and boss.

Ben Johnson    New York Mets    Outfielder  
Billie Hogan    San Diego Padres    Infielder
Royce Clayton    Chicago White Sox

Damion Easley    California Angels/Detroit Tigers/NY Mets   Infielder
Scott Spiezio    Anaheim Angels    Infielder
Tim Salmon    Anaheim Angels    Outfielder
  Sid Fernandez    New York Mets    Pitcher

Justin Thompson    Detroit Tigers    Pitcher
Greg Zaun    Texas Rangers    Catcher
Gabe Alvarez    Detroit Tigers    Infielder
Gary Green    Cincinnati Reds    Infielder
Rene Gonzales    California Angels    Infielder
Luis Ortiz    Texas Rangers    Infielder
Craig Worthington    Baltimore Orioles    Infielder
Pete Incaviglia    Detroit Tigers    Outfielder
Bob Brenley    San Francisco Giants    Catcher
Rick Dempsey    Cleveland Indians    Catcher
Kelly Mann    Atlanta Braves    Catcher
Orel Hershiser    LA Dodgers    Pitcher
And many other major league baseball players that we can't mention here. Go head and be sure to read the long and wonderful  letter at the bottom of this page from an MLB player who worked with me using hypnosis for his  mental game  (of baseball)  so he could bust his slump.
world series champion  baseball player scott spiezio
baseball home run

This video of the baseball game above was sent to me by the dad of one of the baseball players on the team that WON!  His son and the other baseball players started using my baseball hypnosis program to help them with confidence, focus, hitting, consistency and more. The MENTAL GAME of baseball is  where all of the leverage is.

Checkout  Bodybuilder  Mr. Olympia, Tom Platz Working Out While Under Hypnosis.

Sports hypnosis gives you the winning edge. Training your mind with hypnosis allows you to take your body to new levels. Notice how this champion bodybuilder is totally focused, making his body perform exactly the way he wants it to.

Legendary Baseball Players Understand That the new frontiers of sports training are not solely in physical conditioning, but in training your mind.

Hypnosis is a powerful mental conditioning technique that will move you toward generating and experiencing maximum performance. With my techniques you will be able to unify your mind and body for increased power, speed and accuracy.  You will focus your mind strictly in the moment, dispel anxiety and consistently experience relaxed fluid high impact performance. 
   When you use hypnosis to train your mind, you can  move forward  towards greater improvement in baseball or in any sport  very quickly. My "Winning Edge Comedy Hypnosis Show" is a fun & effective way for your baseball team to learn
how to get the most out of yourself and always perform as


It does not matter if you play baseball or football. Your thoughts are very powerful. They can give you amazing superpowers or they can rob you of your strength. 

In the hypnosis video above (which is hard to hear) I told, 325 lb UNR lineman John Bender that he could not pick up a 1 oz plastic trophy.  I gave this very strong football player what we call, "a limiting belief." In other words he truly believed that he could not pick up the trophy. There is no physical reason why he can't do this.

Unfortunately you can't see this on camera, but sweat was running down his face and he became flushed and actually said, "I can't pick it up. its TOO HEAVY!"  After the show he told me and his football team that  his muscles were tired from trying to pick up that trophy.

This hypnosis show was performed just for fun as part of a team bonding event. When I work with athletes, I never give them, "limiting beliefs" in fact I do just the opposite. I help them create EMPOWERING beliefs so that they become empowered with a commanding, dynamic strength and they always move forward with greater impact and masterful accomplishment realizing more of their inharent potential. I will do this for your baseball team.

You can probably tell that this could just as easily be a college or a major league baseball player in the video.
Mental training really helped Bill. He worked on mental conditioning both on and off season. The weights were used here as a demonstration of focus & power.  Enjoy this news footage of my sports hypnosis mentor, trainer, coach, Peter Siegel who I consider the "Einstein" of sports hypnotherapy. He trained me in sports hypnotherapy.  Being trained by Peter is like having the worlds top sports coaches in every sport being your personal coach, trainer or mentor. If your baseball team works with me.  You will PLAY BASEBALL AT YOUR HIGHEST LEVEL.

Do You Want To Know More About How Hypnosis Can Help YOUR College Baseball Team?  Watch this hypnosis video. Here is some news footage of my sports hypnosis mentor / trainer Peter Siegel hypnotizing an entire college football team so that they can access and focus their mental resources that are responsible for them playing at their best. These players use mental training to direct those resources for total game DOMINANCE! You will see from the news report that the team WONThis is what you should expect when you bring me in to work with your baseball team.
Its a really great clip that also embodies that kind of  mental game training that I do for teams. I do this at the end of the show with your  players.

Busts 2 Season Slump! Hits Home Runs!  
“Triggers The  Zone”

“Chris, as we discussed you can use my team name but don’t use my name or position until I tell you that I’m prepared to discuss this publicly. You may use the testimonial though. Count me in for helping you with your baseball hypnosis book but just protect my identity until further notice. Meanwhile, here is my partial testimonial.

Our work together has helped me significantly both on and off the field. I recommend your mental game training to any player of any age or skill level as part of a regular regimen.

 I found out about you & your program when my dad gave me your website after you helped him with a private issue. He was sold on you being able to help me bust out of my slump.  I was impressed by Peter Siegel’s videos & your background with him & I was willing to try anything.

When we met, I was depressed & I’d had the worst 2 seasons of my career. I remember telling you that when I was “at bat” I was so unfocused & negative that, “I struck out before I struck out.” The ball would come so fast I would just swing blindly & I felt like, “I couldn’t hit a basketball if it were on a tee ball stand.”  I felt like (and was) an embarrassment to my team & to myself.

Then I met you & what I will call, “the ghost of Pete Siegel.” The day that we met starting at 11am, you hypnotized me 3 times & had me experience the, “Mental Breakfast of Champions” process. Like magic my fatigue disappeared. I felt recharged mentally & physically. I felt stronger & more powerful physically & mentally. I felt adrenaline surging through my veins. I drove to our home game against ___ (team deleted) feeling LIKE I WAS STRUCK BY LIGHTING. I WAS FULLY RECHARGED & FOCUSED & CONFIDENT!

I studied my pitcher & for the first time in 2 seasons instead of feeling defeated, I felt CONFIDENT! Actually I felt,  beyond confident. I actually heard the theme from Rocky playing in my head & got this feeling like I was not a baseball player but a boxer delivering a knockout punch. I just knew I would be victorious.

As you promised, you  “flipped the switch” in me because I felt as if I were in a DREAM where I had “flipped off” my negative, wimpy, failure thinking & had stepped into a superman suit.
That day I brought the,
“BIG ME” to the game. Not the “little me.”  I knew that I was, “IN THE ZONE” The next thing I knew, I’m up at bat and I heard an inner voice say, “CRUSH IT! HOME RUN!” I could  not hear the fans. I could only hear my heart beat. The bat felt lighter, the  ball spun in super slow motion, so slow I could count the stitches, the baseball  looked like it was the size of a volley ball, I don’t even remember swinging, & it was into the stands.

I still could not hear the fans, I just felt like I was in slow motion running around the bases. My teammates moved in slow motion, I could not even feel them, “high five me.” It was like a dream. I know that I had assessed, “the zone” as we had discussed but still, It took a while to grasp what happened when I looked up at the board & watched the tape back. I remember speaking with you & my dad after that first game still feeling like I was in the DREAM. I remember looking around the clubhouse, thinking, “Ok, I do deserve to wear this uniform, I do deserve to be here!” My dad said, “I told you it would work!”  I don’t remember the drive home. I slept the best I’d slept in years that night. The next day we again worked on, “The Mental Breakfast of Champions” & I had the same experience & another home run. The rest of the season was great  ( statistics removed here for now) & I consider you an excellent investment.

I could go on and on but then whoever reads this will figure out who I am & I’m not ready to discuss this yet publicly.
(Name deleated)________ MLB BASEBALL TEAM deleted for now.

Chris Cady
Sports Hypnotherapist
Scott Spiezio 2 Time
World Series Champion
major league baseball player scott spiezio
baseball program hypnotized for baseball sports hypnosis program  Scott Spiezio Chris Cady
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